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  1. Found a work around on one track that involved exporting the track and importing it back and everything was a-ok. triee the same thing on a second track with no change, still two full measures difference... no idea what might be happening...
  2. I just came across another track recorded last week that does the same thing... It is recorded correctly, and plays correctly, but the curser in Melodyne moves almost 2 measures before The DAW starts moving putting Melodyne 2 measures ahead... pretty crazy.
  3. henkejs is correct about selected blobs stopping scrolling. Took me a long time to figure that out... One of my issues may be compatibility with Melodyne 4, but I certainly have issues with one song I am working on. As I find work arounds I'll post back. Have not had a response from Celemony in over a week...
  4. Lynn, When I hit play, you can see the cursor jumps ahead in Melodyne, When I stop it appears to be lined up correctly, but it jumps again when I hit play.
  5. I upgraded to Melodyne 5 a few weeks back. I am in the middle of a new recording, and had been using melodyne 4 studio. The improvements looked good enough to warrant the cost, so I went to 5. What I am seeing is an issue similar to the problems with 4.2 about 2 years back in that the editor window, and the track window are not in sync. Track view is correct, but Melodyne is in a different position, so the blob it's passing is not what I'm hearing, making it difficult to edit. Not all tracks are affected. I definitely have one that I know was edited in 4 previously that's problematic. I also have a new track that's a problem, but do not recall if it was recorded and edited first before the upgrade. The brand new tracks I've worked on seem to be okay so far, so I am looking for a common denominator. Celomony claimed that 5 was fully compatible with 4. Celomony has reached the point where they aren't bothering to respond to questions. I am using Melodyne 5 Studio With CbB and I also see the issue in Studio One 4. I just wonder if I am the only one with issues, or if others have seen this behavior. As I recall, last time I went back to 4.1 until they fixed the problem. (It took months), but with money spent I don't want to revert back to 4. Anyone else see problems??? Thanks
  6. I am running into an issue I saw with Melodyne a few years back where the Editor view and track view are not in sync. Latest version of Cakewalk and Melodyne 5. I also see it in Studio One as well, so I'm guessing it's something in Melodyne. I have reported it to them and am waiting for a response. This is all since updating to Melodyne 5
  7. Thank you both for the response. I learned a few things. CJ, It would be the peak. I wouldn't normally work this way, but had completed the tracks, and then decided to go back and alter. In the future I'll go back and export an unmastered wav file to work on. Thank you both Jackson
  8. Working on cleaning up some tunes I released awhile ago and had a question or two. I remixed and mastered some tracks. After the export I decided to change the tempo and imported the finished track, sped it up, and exported again. Would/should I remaster the altered track. I am not sure what the ramifications are. I did note that even though the tracks were mastered with a limiter, when I exported the finished track, after modifying the tempo, if was showing over the -.1 limit I set prior to mastering. I did the tempo mods in another DAW, but wouldn't think it should matter once it's mastered and exported to a wav. am I missing something here? I'll admit I'm in over my head on some of this and learning as I go. Thanks for any and all help. Jackson
  9. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not using ASIO on the on board card. While I'm not likely to change my method just now, I do like hearing how others work and do make adaptive changes in my methods when I run across an idea that really strikes me, and works for me. Thanks for your input.
  10. Thanks Jeremy, I actually am using this as my sound device for everything except the drum programs. Not a huge midi person, so I run EZ drummer and Addictive Drums out through my onboard sound card, and back in through the SoundCraft. Then I lay down a drum track with my rhythm track. When I have a drummer available, I can have them over dub drums, but if not my drum track is finished. I have spent hours trying to finesse a drum track into a finished piece and prefer to work this way...
  11. scook, thank you, that got me going... is this something that changed in CbB? i.e. was it on by default in previous versions, because I never had this issue before, and likely noticed it right around the time things changed, but wasn't working as much as I have been lately until recently. anyway, thank you, that was the tweak I was missing...
  12. Update: it seems nothing is getting through the master bus when I am in record mode. I can record, but can only hear on playback. to monitor I must listen st the mixer. Weird, because as I say, it works as expected in Studio One
  13. I am using EZ Drummer running stand alone. I have the output going through my sound card, and feeding into the only RCA in on my Soundcraft Signature 12MTK. EZ Drummer tracks are getting to the input and recording, but not getting back to the master output, although they are setup to do so. I can only monitor at the mixer and must disengage the USB return to do so. Another note... this setup works fine in Studio One and behaves the way I expect. am I missing a setting somewhere in Cakewalk? Is the fact it's sharing a bus the issue. So far I am stumped as to why the signal never gets to the master out. Thoughts??? Thank You Jackson
  14. Prior to updating CbB, I copy and rename the c:/Program Files/Cakewalk/ Cakewalk Core folder to reflect the version number of that version. Then if I need to rollback I can rename the Cakewalk Core folder to the version number, and rename the version number to Cakewalk Core. I have copies of previous versions, but I'm not sure how to get one to you. Others here also do the same, that's how I learned the trick. What version were you running?
  15. I meant 4.2, must have fat fingered that... Thanks for the input...
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