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  1. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not using ASIO on the on board card. While I'm not likely to change my method just now, I do like hearing how others work and do make adaptive changes in my methods when I run across an idea that really strikes me, and works for me. Thanks for your input.
  2. Thanks Jeremy, I actually am using this as my sound device for everything except the drum programs. Not a huge midi person, so I run EZ drummer and Addictive Drums out through my onboard sound card, and back in through the SoundCraft. Then I lay down a drum track with my rhythm track. When I have a drummer available, I can have them over dub drums, but if not my drum track is finished. I have spent hours trying to finesse a drum track into a finished piece and prefer to work this way...
  3. scook, thank you, that got me going... is this something that changed in CbB? i.e. was it on by default in previous versions, because I never had this issue before, and likely noticed it right around the time things changed, but wasn't working as much as I have been lately until recently. anyway, thank you, that was the tweak I was missing...
  4. Update: it seems nothing is getting through the master bus when I am in record mode. I can record, but can only hear on playback. to monitor I must listen st the mixer. Weird, because as I say, it works as expected in Studio One
  5. I am using EZ Drummer running stand alone. I have the output going through my sound card, and feeding into the only RCA in on my Soundcraft Signature 12MTK. EZ Drummer tracks are getting to the input and recording, but not getting back to the master output, although they are setup to do so. I can only monitor at the mixer and must disengage the USB return to do so. Another note... this setup works fine in Studio One and behaves the way I expect. am I missing a setting somewhere in Cakewalk? Is the fact it's sharing a bus the issue. So far I am stumped as to why the signal never gets to the master out. Thoughts??? Thank You Jackson
  6. Prior to updating CbB, I copy and rename the c:/Program Files/Cakewalk/ Cakewalk Core folder to reflect the version number of that version. Then if I need to rollback I can rename the Cakewalk Core folder to the version number, and rename the version number to Cakewalk Core. I have copies of previous versions, but I'm not sure how to get one to you. Others here also do the same, that's how I learned the trick. What version were you running?
  7. I meant 4.2, must have fat fingered that... Thanks for the input...
  8. I apologize for not responding sooner. I've been out of commission for most of the winter, and had a small project in April I was working on, which is when I had the issue. I'm just now back to actually spending time in the studio... When all this transpired, what I found was my output device had somehow removed itself from the DAW. not only that, but once I found and fixed, (I had to completely reinstall), I had to go through and reconfigure everything. It was an easier process to do the initial install than it was to find and fix this snafu. I run a Soundcraft Signature 12 multi track mixer, fed into the DAW via USB. I have no idea what caused everything to belly up, but once I reinstalled and reconfigured It's been fine.
  9. Hello all, last fall there were issues with Melodyne 4.2 and CbB. at the time, Melodyne claimed they couldn't reproduce the error, and to keep working I reinstalled version 4.1, which has been working. I since finished the project I was working on, and due to health issues I've been off the radar since January. just getting back to things now and wondered if Melodyne 4.3 is working properly these days with the CbB 2019.5, which I just installed... can anyone update me please??? Thank you
  10. I tried installing the update with no luck either. I'm thinking the audio engine is dying, but don't know why, or how to restart it.
  11. So new issue... I can pull up a project, but when I try playing it, nothing happens. The curser jumps a bit ang goes right back to the beginning of the song. I cannot get anything to happen. It worked fine previously, but I have not used in a few weeks, and now I'm seeing this issue. Any ideas anyone?
  12. Yes, the patch is for all editions of Melodyne. FWIW, I did send Celemony projects that were having issues, and I was told they worked fine for them. Funny, because I had multiple projects misbehaving, and sent them screen shots of the problem multiple times. It's also disappointing that it's been 4 months since they introduced the problem with the 4.2 release, a turn around time I find unacceptable given the cost of the product... I'll stick with 4.1 a bit longer until I'm sure there's actually a fix...
  13. I've got it... looks as if clearing the cache did the trick. Interestingly, it looks as if it was seeing the page, but was unable to load for some reason... I tried flushing DNS first, which didn't appear to work, and then cleared the cache, shut down the browser, and Viola... back in business... Thanks again for all the suggestions.
  14. I use Chrome as my preferred browser, but also tried to connect with Edge with no luck. I get an error that the page won't load on both. Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled BandLab Assistant with no luck. I'll try clearing cache and report back... thanks all for the suggestions.
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