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  1. I've had this happen to me so many times I can't even tell you. I got to the point that I assumed one of the tracks got "corrupted" or something, if that is even a thing lol, and did the same thing and deleted a given track that wasn't producing and signal when it should and then inserted a new one and voila, all was good. What I believe was happening is I had the offset set to zero for the fader (now I can't for the life of me ever remember doing this but whatevs) but had not realized it back before I knew the nuances of Cakewalk. So now one of my first checks when there is no signal in or out of a channel or bus is check the offset settings. I still do not fully understand the purpose of offset, however I do know for a fact that it's a complete and utter pain in the ***** lol.
  2. So it seems ever since I upgraded to the latest version of Cakewalk a few weeks ago I've had performance issues with the software ever since. The problem mostly occurs during playback after a few seconds say to the point where if I press stop it will not stop the track (occasionally it will) and the track often has to go to the end of it's audio limits for the button to return from being blacked out and to being able to function. Most other functions that I attempt to use also seem to stop working - even the cursor freezes sometimes. Being the deductive trouble shooter that I am, I've tried several things that would reduce processing power and memory requirements assuming this to be the most likely issue. I've tried shutting off all my plugins etc. including ProChannel EQ to no avail. It seems to only have started happening on a recording I did recently with 8 tracks of acoustic drums, a doubled guitar track (so 2), and a bass guitar track where I used a slower tempo (110 BPM) vs. the default of 130 BPM (which makes zero sense, I know). The worst part is it is not always the case. This morning I loaded my recent 110 BPM track and it was glitchy as hell. And then another track that is very similar at 130 BPM minus one drum mic (recorded before I bought a pair of matched pencil mics) and no bass guitar (so 2 less tracks) which normally has never been glitchy, is suddenly also glitchy after playing the other track for a bit, closing it, and then playing this one. So in the mean time that I have been writing this I believe I rebooted my machine due to some wireless keyboard issues (which turned out to be dead batteries lol) now there is no glitchiness - or at least not enough to prevent the play/stop buttons from working and the cursor from not functioning. I really don't get what's going on and the only real "new" variable in my mind is the recent CW upgrade I did maybe two weeks ago. My laptop is not by any means near the power of a gaming laptop or a purely audio based one like PCAudioLabs, but it's an i5 processor with Windows 10 and 8 gigs of memory so it's certainly not the worst. Any ideas from other users what my issue might be? I noticed there was some recent patch to fix some kind of glitchiness but I figured I loaded the recent update late and that the bugs were worked out of it but maybe I'm wrong there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Jim
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