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  1. Also a big playlist need... the next song needs to be loaded and ready to play before the OK play next song message comes up. This is so you can see the lyrics / notes for the song you are about to play before starting the song. An option to load next song before star msg is needed... This is so that queues like song key or other notes are visible before song starts...
  2. Improved stability for playlists. It seems that projects are not unloaded as they finish playing. When I freeze all tracks the play list view seems to work pretty well. Some better way to enter lyrics. Maybe just a alt view where lyrics are tied to time only. An easier to use, seamless audio to midi converter with an integrated tweaking interface for conversion. Monophonic is ok. Polyphonic would be even better. BTW - I paid for the platinum package. I dont mind paying something yearly to insure that Cakewalk continues and is supported.
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