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  1. For tracking and playback This would not effect audio performance. For overdubbing maybe
  2. Many here have suggested control surfaces but that’s not what I’m requesting. You need a screen interface and not just transport and faders. Protools now has it as do a few other daws. Right now I have 2 scenarios I work in. One, when I do client work where I can it at my main desktop and 2, where I play and record from the drumset wheee I have a second computer (laptop) which has CnB loaded and when done have to physically copy the session over to the main computer via networkand This means if I want to play stuff back I really need identical setups (plug-ins etc) which is not possible. . I want an app that allows me run only from the main computer, like apps from modern digital mixers and other daws which lets you mix and do Somme more advanced functions besides transport and levels. what good do a control surface do if the screen is in another part of the room?
  3. Any chance we can ever get a wifi remote for sonar.CbB? This would be great for those of us that play and record at the same time when some of our hardware for example is located away from the laptop etc. Ive tried Vcontrol and it is pretty much unuseable and I don't know of any other similar apps. Just curious if anything like this might be in consideration!
  4. The issue isn’t whether to use normalization or not and there are many great reasons to use it. It should work and not corrupt tracks and you should be able to normalize multiple tracks at once . Compressors and the like don’t substitute . If I record a full drumset and the levels vary slight between tracks I like to normalize all of them so the loudest hits are equal. I normalize to -5 and get great results. Same for overheads etc where there are pairs or multiple tracks that “go together” . After all this time it should get fixed
  5. Thanks for the tips and yes I do most of those already but if would be nice to have confidence in the tool to use it on multiple tracks without any workarounds
  6. Hi thanks for responding! Yes been using this since 8.5 if not prior. I always back up and (we have all) been dealing with this big for a long time. I’m really impressed by the progress Neil B and bandlab have made not only in features but if a huge amount of bug fixes that have really brought CbB to another level from a stability standpoint. It just seems like a good time to bring this one up again since such real attention is being paid to fixing bugs! FYI I tend to like to normalize most of my drum tracks (I use only real drums.) to make sure all the matching overhead, Tom and room mics are at the same level. Since I record and play at the same time, as close as I am with the levels I find normalizing to -5 dB give all the tracks the consistency i want tjme
  7. There are numerous bugs associated with the Process->Normalize command that have been well documented for some time now, particularely when you try to run normalized on multiple tracks with or without multiple clips per track where the results are unpredictable and usually ends with corruption. Fortunately undo gets you back but this is a bug that should have been fixed back in the SONAR days and it really slows down the workflow by having to to run Normalize one track at a time.
  8. One thing I like about protools is when you adjust the clip gain it is reflected directly in the waveform. I don't believe we have that in CBB (or previously SONAR) This is a very handy feature and eliminates a lot of guesswork. Of course there will be those who say "use your ears" but when your editing a full track that was perhaps comped badly, it would be very quick top get each clip in the ballpark if not exact based on visual feedback. Thanks
  9. Im on 8 and 10 and no issues. Use Cut/copy SPECIAL!. Make sure cursor is in right place and youre on the correct starting track. The function works perfectly and has for years
  10. YOu should disable any other sound cards except your interface. Realtec should NOT be used at all. You would set the Roland as the default sound card. In cakewalk, make sure your devices show up and the recording and playback timing masters are set to roland devices. Also make sure the sample rates are in sync but again, you should disable other sound devices via device manager. I don;t know anything about using a pair of rolands but only one should be "master" and the other likely just a set of inputs via adat (?). You cannot run 2 main/master interfaces at the same time
  11. I've always been able to copy or movebus automation. You use Copy/Cut special and you can select what components you want to select and you can also select all or just individual tracks/buses. So just do tracks and then do buses. It would be nice if Tracks an Buses got selected if you wanted but otherwise, its only one additional step. Really no big deal. Regarding Aux tracks, There are definitely times you want to use buses, Mixing as stems for example so both need to work and both DO work
  12. Stxx

    "Worth" by Electramode

    In hindsight, I do wish I had the vocal up just a little but the track is done and released. But yea , definitely a challenging one!
  13. I am finding after one of the recent updates that when I play back of a time stretched clip that I haven't yet bounced down, I get a pop following the clip during playback. Its especially noticeable if there is reverb or delay on that track. I believe I have elastique as my algorithm. Once I bounce to clip, it goes away. This is new. Anyone else see/hear this? Its happened in multiple songs I think after the last update 2019:01
  14. Thanks! Yea, that's the fun and beauty of these things! My goal is to capture more and more of the local talent (minus their drummers LOL). If they want to do their normal band, then I charge $$
  15. Actually THANK YOU BANDLAB for the awesome support. I for one have been experiencing better and better performance and when you all make an error your quick with the hotfix. For those who have continued issues I would dig deeper into your personal setups as the CBB software grows more stable with each completed release.
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