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  1. Oh .. the tune is Top Notch .. I`ve always loved your stuff .. since the first time I heard you years ago. I don`t come here much anymore as My band is super busy and I don`t record much anymore. Cheers, Alkie
  2. All of your other posts link to a free listening of your tunes ... don`t have links that you have to pay to hear. This is a forum for critiques after all .. All I`m saying is as soon as folks come into that link they won`t notice the soundcloud link at the bottom of the page. P.S. it doesn`t matter if your stuff is top shelf or not folks aren`t here to buy music , just to listen , critique and get help. It`s kinda like when I first joined the cakewalk site years ago .. people use to complain about links where they had to download to hear.. I don`t think folks want to pay to listen and critique.. JMPO
  3. Hey .. Banders... Here`s my cover of Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years It is 3 backing tracks mixed together.. any critiques on the Vocal Delivery & Processing would be welcome !!!!! Cheers, Alkie
  4. could it be that the first thing you see are the 3 links to buy the music that is turning folks off ? they may not make it to see the soundcloud link before leaving this post. Cheers, Alkie
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