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  1. I have tried this method but have not been successful. I may not be doing the process correctly. What I am doing is: Select all tracks go to copy special then click markers only . Then go to EXPORT and export midi. I open a new instance of cake walk insert a midi clip and import the midi. This brings in the entire project of midi events and NO marker appear in the time line. I must be doing the process incorrectly. Could you share your process ?
  2. I am scoring film with Cakewalk and would like to see an export feature for Markers. It would be nice to send a spreadsheet style file to a director/producer/editor with all my Markers based on time code. Thank you.
  3. Not to hijack the thread but I am looking at the Icon Platform M+ to nothing more than run CC control of virtual instruments. For example, fader control of string dynamic, vibrato, expression etc. Has anyone used this controller for this function? I
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