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  1. So I'm having a similar problem, also after updating to the latest version of the software. Apparently I should have known better and not updated. Track 5 in my project is supposed to be a virtual choir from Spitfire Audio's LABS plugin, but when I solo it, it plays the instrument from track 3 which is a music box, also from Spitfire LABS. When I solo track 3, it's completely silent. The actual instrument settings on each of those respective tracks are correct, but the software seems to be confusing them for whatever reason. I've been having a lot of irritating bugs like this for the last few days and man, it's really annoying. How am I supposed to get any work done when things like this just inexplicably throw up and fry themselves? EDIT: Okay so to make matters worse, I just restarted the software and track 5 is now completely silent (as well as track 3), but now track 1 is simultaneously playing the midi from it's own track and from track 6. ...this makes no sense and is extremely frustrating, especially when I'm on a deadline like I am right now.
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