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  1. Don't know what I hit but suddenly cannot do ANYTHING to midi track. Clue: there is a speaker icon displayed with the cursor. Any ideas what I hit? What is that function used for? Thanks in advance
  2. Building up a dedicated computer for a friend. Mostly done. Installed the drum progs & put maps in the Drum Maps Folder. I don't know the proper terminology, but now time to "assign" cakewalk to the drum prog mapping. Opened a project, went to drum midi track. I see the "drum map" button but drop down not available. Is it possible that an interface connection is required before you can edit/assign? Thanks in advance King 11th gen i9 128gb mem 1T storage
  3. Sory M. Audio guy. Idiot with video. User since Sonar4. Kinda thought anyone who uses CW would understand moving tracks/folders. Not sure how to better describe better. I simply cannot move a track or folder without it going into another folder. The Drag/Slide doesn't do anything. Only drag & drop up/down. Have to use "Remove from folder" to remove out of folder. Dragging just adds it to another folder. My current solution - remove all tracks and delete all folders. Awkward using 7 softsynths, drums, and 9 vox tracks. I wonder how deep I can go with sub sub sub sub folders. If it is only one sub level, can I make one folder & put the entire project inside? Whatever the algorythm used, it's too sensitive
  4. Yeah, still having issues trying to move/ reorder folders. "Sliding/ dragging" doesn't do anything on my daw. Years using the "line" to tell where to drop location. Now it doesn't matter what the "line" - it only goes to the nearest folder. I have six folders and cannot reorder them. Movement only adds to the nearest folder in the location I want to move to. I literally have no ability to relocate a folder or track. Three months ago I thought this would be a cool feature. It only made the workflow more difficult. Would love to be able to turn off feature.
  5. YESS - Your correct sir!!! Presonus is a little persnikity. New firewire card. MUST load drivers without unit plugged in first or you get that special feature: IT DOSN'T WORK!!! sigh. Thank you.
  6. Updated to WIN11. Now when project opens I get this error: Unable to open audio device. Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use. For help please visit . . . . . All seems to be ok in preferences. No other audio open. Have opened a different project & works ok. Thanks for helping King Intel 11th gen i9 128g memory 1/2T hd available, Presonus Firestudio 24/96k
  7. Thanks Mr. MSMcLEOD - Been using CW 15 years. If there is a drastic new technique of track management, I haven't heard of it. Track folder at the top of the list, track folder at the bottom of the list. I want to move a single track (or folder) to be at the bottom of the tree. I can't move a single track or a folder to exchange places. They are just added to folders as subfolders. That's where it is most obvious, but this happens in the middle of the file tree also. (BTW sorry about not being able to supply a gif. Buried in a time crunch and no time to explore new sw. This update has crashed my workflow. Spend as much time problem solving as production.)
  8. RFSSONGS That's normal behavior to add a track to a folder. If you have a folder at the bottom of your list, you cannot drag that single track to be at the bottom, ie the last track. Behavior requires it to be inside last folder. If you want to move a folder to be first or last, it goes directly to the folder that occupies that position. When you remove the track from the cursed folder - you don't have any say where it pops out. But I can tell you this - if you want to continue with your project, you absolutely better NOT touch track locations. So, 1. Is there a way I can keep this change from being so aggressive? 2. Can I disable the function? 3. Can I roll back to a previous revision until CW addresses the issue? 4. As incredibly difficult this has made my work, how is that I seem to be the only one struggling here with this update?
  9. Hello. Just wanted to move a single track to a different position to organize my project. It's forced into a different existing folder no matter how I try. Removal of the track from the folder puts it nowhere where I need it. Same occurs with folders. No matter how you move it goes to an existing folder as a subfolder. Half the time when I remove the (sub)folder from the folder, it removes the folder but keeps a duplicate. Point: there is no longer user control over your tracks/folders. As a pro, I can't work like this and I'm in a production time crunch. How do I revert to previous rev that works?
  10. HELP!!! This new feature is trashing my project. I can't move singletracks or folders without them going everywhere into other folders and even duplicating and creating more folders! There is no control. 30 minutes trying to untangle my tracks and it's hopeless. Can I turn this feature OFF????? I love cakewalk but I can't do business like this. I've got more than 50 hours into this project and will have to abandon it. Please respond asap
  11. Updated. Open screen & update deleted my tool bar (workspace) setup. Can reset, but cannot save because that save function is greyed out. Only option is APPLY WORKSPACE ON PROJECT LOAD. Special feature? How do I fix this? DATABASE ERROR - Database connection failed. Assigned plugin categories and names unavailable. Special feature? How do I fix this? Had to rescan VSTs because most disappeared. Special feature? I can play about 1 second of audio and it drops out - error 5. Latency checker shows ok. Raised buffer, still the same. Wasn't happening before. How do I fix this? Can't send minidump, no file or file location. Glad I don't have a session scheduled. This would cost me out of my pocket.
  12. Craig is absolutely right. I'm old time bassist and Modo Bass is far superior to anything else I have used. Customizations are awesome. Use the Melodyne trick to get guitar to midi. I use it dailey. Cheers
  13. Using Toontrack EZDrummers and Superior Drummer 2. Load up 1st instance, works great, maps great, sound great. Load up 2nd instance (for percussion), while Cakewalk mapping displays correct, and files pointed correct, sounds being played are not. Rechecked map manager - correct - checked Toontrack prog pointed to the correct folder - correct. So, everything looks good, audition the groove file in Toontrack, sounds good, copy midi to Cakewalk and won't play correct sound files. Any thoughts? I have to be overlooking something simple.
  14. Saving in .mp3 allows the input of metadata. Is there no way to do this for a .wav?
  15. Thanks for the reply Mark. Might be just as simple to export tracks & clips, import to Audacity, change tempo and export tracks. Just thought as sophisticated as CW is, you would have a simple way to do this. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one this has happened to. Oh well . . . (sigh) . . . . .
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