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  1. Thanks for the reply John. The beauty of digital recording is there are a thousand ways to get to the same destination. What I have been doing has worked for me for many years. This is the first time I have had this difficulty exporting a project with this particular issue. I don't suspect it's not because I'm not using your method. I do appreciate the response and will review your suggestion at another time. Meanwhile, . . . .
  2. Today is a fine day for problems. (sic) Ready to export project for mastering. Have a midi Strat with some chord fills for texture but plays full blast on export. Sample below. No extra sends hanging I can see. What am I not seeing? County Roads for post.mp3
  3. Yup. You are correct sir. Made the general assumption you turn on Snap, it's on in all views. Ooohhh, that assumption thing . . . . sigh Thanks man. I appreciate it.
  4. If had this happen before and I just brute forced my way through to complete, but there must be a simple solution: Currently editing midi but happens with audio too - I have note duration 1/16th, Snap 1/16. Note will not drag to snap. I have to use nudge or turn Snap off to make happen. Even then, dragging with snap off, timeline doesn't show accurate. Have to go back and Quantize all to make accurate. Clue: Not happening in all projects. There must be something I have done in the background I am unaware of. Any thoughts?
  5. King Burton

    Midi Fade

    Actually no - BUT I figured it out. Used Melodyne to create the midi track and discovered audio track faded (must have been bounced at some point) and Melodyne just followed. Thx for the help. I'll keep your info to refer to.
  6. King Burton

    Midi Fade

    Got a midi track that fades. Don't know why. I know there is a function for that but never used it and don't know how. How would I turn that off? Thx for your help.
  7. King Burton

    Track Notes

    Base57 AWESOME!!! I would have never thought to look there - but it makes sense. Thx
  8. King Burton

    Track Notes

    I know and use the Project Notes area regularly. What I really miss is Track notes. Does it exist and I just never knew? Just wondering. Cheers all. King
  9. I hate when I build a Cakewalk project with midi and audio tracks, only to get near the end of the project only to find the overall project tempo is too fast/slow!!! Simple fix if only midi, but heart wrenching for audio. I export final to Audacity and change speed. Works ok for minor changes. Larger deltas give noticeable artifacts in vox tracks.
  10. King Burton

    Buss missing

    Have a project where the output buss (Master) is missing. Should be able to right click on open area and add but no option. Went to Bus option console view/ insert stereo bus/select - nothing happens. Went to Insert/Stereo Bus - nothing happens. Also, midi tracks show activity but not reporting to audio. Rebooted interface several times. No change. What have I done???
  11. I too have the pop/click issues on export. Became obvious during mastering. Vox track does have a long reverb tail that I'd like to keep somehow. I know this is an old post and maybe there is a workaround somehow. Any advise?
  12. I think it would be amazing for Cakewalk to have a Template with included tools to tune a home studio. You could put instructions in the Browse Notes area.
  13. King Burton

    Using Notes

    I understand the use of File Stats Notes for overall project. Is there a way to use something like this for track notes? Would be nice for instrument settings, amps, synths, special effects. Thanks all.
  14. Well, it's fixed but I don't understand why. Sometimes when I am creating the midi notes, I discover notes get hidden behind the clip. Didn't see it in this case so I bounced to track to see if it would pop up. Nothing hidden AND plugin works. Sooooo.. . . . . . . . .
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