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  1. King Burton

    Buss missing

    Have a project where the output buss (Master) is missing. Should be able to right click on open area and add but no option. Went to Bus option console view/ insert stereo bus/select - nothing happens. Went to Insert/Stereo Bus - nothing happens. Also, midi tracks show activity but not reporting to audio. Rebooted interface several times. No change. What have I done???
  2. I too have the pop/click issues on export. Became obvious during mastering. Vox track does have a long reverb tail that I'd like to keep somehow. I know this is an old post and maybe there is a workaround somehow. Any advise?
  3. I think it would be amazing for Cakewalk to have a Template with included tools to tune a home studio. You could put instructions in the Browse Notes area.
  4. King Burton

    Using Notes

    I understand the use of File Stats Notes for overall project. Is there a way to use something like this for track notes? Would be nice for instrument settings, amps, synths, special effects. Thanks all.
  5. Well, it's fixed but I don't understand why. Sometimes when I am creating the midi notes, I discover notes get hidden behind the clip. Didn't see it in this case so I bounced to track to see if it would pop up. Nothing hidden AND plugin works. Sooooo.. . . . . . . . .
  6. Thanks for the reply Promidi Checked that and you are correct it was off. However, switching on made no difference. As the next note comes up to overlap it only plays the new note. Curious that some projects it works fine, others like this. Dropped a note to IK Media but no answer back.
  7. Hello all. In one project I can chords and others, even though written as chords will only play single notes and not let the others ring. A switch I don't know about? (BTW - chord mode is on)
  8. Reg That was exactly the prob. I always assumed Cakewalk was smart enough the see this. So, the lesson - if you want to used multi instances, you have to manually reset the outputs every time. Got it. *** Ctl+A or any version did not work for me. Manul every line. Sure there is a way trhough. Thank you for your help. King
  9. Using Toontrack Drums. I have the proper drum maps installed and Cakewalk pointed to them. 1. Insert 1st synth instance (DFH), route, select map, works great. 2. Insert 2nd synth instance do the same - select Latin Percussion - route appropriately, Check on the Construct Page to make sure audio reports correctly. Works great. However, after adding a midi clip, it works only on Superior Drummer 2-2 (ie no map). But if I select the Latin Percussion Map, then that midi (LP) reports to 1st instance midi track (DFH). All I get are cymbals clashing. Again, checking the Construct page, audio reports correctly. Checked and double-checked Drum Map Manager. Seems correct. I'm sure it is something simple I'm overlooking.
  10. I think it was VooDoo!!! Somebody in Louisiana is waving a chicken around!!!!! THX much.
  11. **** SOLVED ****It was the interface!! New one came in this pm, installed, and now I am back in action guys!!!! Back to work. Cheers all. King
  12. Status: Loaded a mono track to Audacity. Same prob. Went to Win - speaker config - Test - and Right side gave audio to both sides, Left side silent. Weird. Spent 10 hrs with Microsoft digging into the bowels + reload of Win 11. No change. What's left . . common to everything is Presonus interface. Ordered new interface. Saturday will install and test. High confidence will resolve the issue. Will advise after testing. And once again I restate how grateful I am for all who have graciously and patiently advised and guided. I am bettered because of you. Thank you King
  13. In the middle of the Blowin' & Goin' to my tried & true processing and NOT PAYING ATTENTION to my ears!!!!! sigh Nothing setup has changed - Win11 Presonus Firestudio i11 processor 64G ram latest Cakewalk version. I guess another uninstall and registry clean.
  14. Good morning, J. After all this effort to re-load, I pulled up an old, completed project and this issue is there. What that tells me is there is something with the software itself. Starting a new project, same. Followed instructions to CT. Got it to work - L/R sliders act as volume control.
  15. The button is NOT lit. I assume that is off. I mean that you click on any Channel Tools button, there is no response, color change, audible change. BUT - I never use it anyway. Right now I need to pan tracks and I can't. This morning did uninstall and re-install - no change. Uninstalled audio interface (Presonus Firestudio) and re-installed. No change. Reported to Support AGAIN - no response. Again sending screen shots.
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