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  1. So sad, is this post Country Dick Montana?
  2. Perky as hell. Great guitar as usual! Emma must have surfed, or perhaps hung with Johnny Cash's band a bit. A crit might be in the drum department, what are you using? The drum kit is mixed a bit narrow and a bit back against the wall for my taste. However, that certainly fits the period style of the tune, so that's a fine choice. cheers, -Tom
  3. emeraldsoul


    Hopefully it turned back to good again for ya, 'cause I like it. Has a really clear sound for all its spaceyness. A pleasant drift indeed. cheers, -Tom
  4. Uh, it's great and I agree with all of the above, plus the vid is very watchable! But I kept trippin' on that bass . . . I really studied it, haven't seen that style before, and would love to play one!!! Let's not overlook the general guitar sluttiness of this work. Lots of cool axes!!! want a crit? OK, your studio is far too clean to be real. cheers, -Tom
  5. Me pregunto cuál será el precio.
  6. Very nice slow burn! I like that pace. Moody Blues came to mind! For a crit, you might go back and volume automate down some of the mouth noises that invariably come right before you start a vocal line, or between the vocal sections. It's a good vocal, particularly with your bgv's . . . and I really like your song! Sparse, mellow, meaningful. cheers, -Tom
  7. WOW wow WOW! The outtro section, that bassline was killer, loved it. We are in the presence of greatness - thanks for the share! -Tom
  8. Yes, warmer than room temperature is good enough!
  9. This is a novel I would read. Good luck and good music on the journey.
  10. Vocals are great, the instrumentation choices are killer, the lyrics are heartfelt, the chord changes are freeeekin tasty!!! This one sounds like you spent some quality hours on the mix, sounds really clean, separated, tastefully compressed and effected. Wonderful! The only critique I could suggest is to take the hi hat down 1.5 db, and give at least .5 db back to the sidestick loved it! It never got boring . . .oh I forgot the bgv's were so supportive, there and not there at the same time. Wonderful! cheers, -Tom
  11. I only have the pro-l2 limiter and the pro-q3 . . . they sound great, and have awesome GUI. That pro-q3 eq is an absolute dream to work with.
  12. Can you buy this on Amazon?
  13. Right on! It's got a great beat, very "up" . . . nice vocals! Any chance, for example at :32, the first "you" in your choruses, sustaining that into a "yoouuuuuuu" rather than truncating it? Hey it just occurred to me and not all my ideas are winners. Super cool bass line!!! Now, if I were you, I wouldn't feel compelled to mention that "she's not Aprhodite" but that's none of my business!!! nice tune indeed, let the games begin! Have fun and will listen for the update! cheers, -Tom
  14. Lyrics are great, storytelling is a strength of yours. I noticed the lack of center, which is acceptable in instruments, but disconcerting in the vocals. But your voice has an awesome timbre! There's a couple of clipping pops you might want to track down, for example 3:50 and 4:07 - and both of these are at the beginning of a vocal line. Whatever is taking it out of the center is loading, or overloading, the sides. This could be a clue? If it's a mono vocal (as most are) are you processing it with any stereo plugins? If so, maybe switch 'em out for mono processors, you never know. Anyhoo, to the extent the song is autobiographical, it's a story very well told and my condolences on your situation. cheers, -Tom
  15. I'm waiting for Ian Dury's Box of Rhythm Sticks.
  16. Love the low baritone all over the place in this one, it gives the song a substantial weight. Great vocal. @:11 you want "too long" (the truth must be spoken) I listened a couple of times, those lyrics are really quite well thought out. cheers, -Tom
  17. Cool! I think you might look at reverb spaces. The bassoon is in a small room? But there is a little hall reverb on the strings? You might kill all the reverbs on the Kontakt instruments, and feed all the instruments into a thumping great concert hall with a small amount of predelay. If you haven't done that already? Or, something else entirely! It's a pleasant meander, and I found myself pleasantly adrift. Until the ending, which needs a warning sign "Bridge Out Ahead" cheers, -Tom
  18. Those are some tasty synths and rises! I'd vote for vocals and drums up - let us feel the power of vocals and drums, to match the heady synths. This is one of my favs of yours thus far. Cool beans!!! cheers, -Tom
  19. Wonderful interplay of vocal/guitar/cello/accordion/ and mandolin? !!! Is it a mandolin? Link: Mix-wise, I'd say that awesome vocal could come up just a hair.
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