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  1. guys I have done it! it isn't a driver issue or reboot problem. I installed an older version of sonar (sonar x2) - I tried platinum but did not make any change. Installing sonar x2 made all the vs series and much more show up in bandlab cakewalk. I am keeping my copy of x2 on my system. Once X2 is uninstalled, this disappears from the bandlab version! I have just tried it. I am wondering if it is because when Roland dropped out, they didn't include the features on later builds such as platinum. Because people have followed the upgrade path from older versions, components from the older versions remain? Anyway...I'm happy! Thanks everyone.
  2. these are the only options showing (my instal of Sonar has no previous versions, just a clean instal of Bandlab Cakewalk)
  3. I am having this problem too. Upgraded my PC to windows 10, the V Studio 20 is working as audio, but under control surface on the drop down menu, I can't see the v studio options at all, I see Mackie controllers etc. I am wondering, if I should install a previous version of Sonar, like X3, and see if then it will appear in the list? or is there a file out there as you can import a script? any help would be appreciated.
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