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  1. Sofa

    Cakewalk changes my instruments

    I don't know if I permanently solved the problem, But i found the patch browser and nothing was out of place but i did see on one of the tracks that was affected, the out field was switched from the proper vst to another track, ill keep updated on if this is the actual problem or not.
  2. Sofa

    Cakewalk changes my instruments

    I can't seem to find this, could you point me to its location?
  3. Sofa

    Cakewalk changes my instruments

    My Workspace is normally set to none, could it be something else?
  4. I'm severely upset, I like cakewalk genuinely, but one of my main gripes is that when I save a project and load it back at a later date, say like the next day, Cakewalk changes whatever vst I was using. for example I had two instances of Sitala open in one of my project for drums, and Cakewalk changed both instances into the Tyrell N6 which I had in a different track. in another case I had mini grand and Velvet open and it changed both of them to the SI-bass guitar which I had in a separate track, this is starting to get infuriating, I love cakewalk but if this keeps happening I won't hesitate to switch to another daw. Is it human error? Is it Cakewalk? If you have an answer to this please help, I'm virtually begging (get it?)
  5. In cakewalk, there are times when I save a project and come back at a later date. When I come back some of my synths are replace by other existing synths in my track. This often happens when I have two similar or the same synths, for examples I had three different tracks of sitala for different drums, but when I came back they were all replaced with the bass guitar plugin I had in a different track (SI- Bass Guitar). I take good care of my sample organization, so I tried to change the synth back to sitala and put my samples back, but the problem is all three instances of sitala follow each other, its like the bass guitar replacement combined all of the tracks into one without actually showing that, so whenever I edit one of the samplers all three follow the same set of changes. Is there a way to fix this? Is it human error?
  6. Sorry for the lack of clarity, I'd just like the master fader to control the master tracks volume level
  7. I have all of my control surface portion of my m audio code 61 how I want it, but the master fader doesn't actually do anything, apart from slightly turn down the volume of whatever track I'm on, is there a way to fix this?
  8. Sorry for clarification, 1. I did look, 2. The events were not shown. I was informing that that set of commands did produce the sound and sustain the note however i failed to say that the events were not recorded
  9. YOU'RE AMAZING that fixed it, thank you so much
  10. Yes my Pedal does have a polarity switch and I have tried to flip it because i have experienced this problem before. The keys don't trigger notes when the pedal is down. if I trigger a note and the pedal at the exact same time, the note will sustain, however if the note triggers after the pedal no sound will occur.
  11. No, its in the port labeled sustain in, i think its a problem with one of the settings in cakewalk?
  12. For clarification I should state the pedal works for this but while it's down I cant play anything else, coming from a piano player this is very frustrating.
  13. M-audio Oxygen 61, the problem occurs with every soft synth I have, from Mini Grand to Velvet, even Cakewalk's own electric piano. The pedal didn't come with the keyboard, but it is also made by M-audio, the M-audio SP2. And The sustain pedal works in Ableton live 10, the other daw i have.
  14. I'm very new to cakewalk but i think it has a lot of potential so i want to get to use it. I have a midi keyboard with a brand new sustain pedal however, when i push down the pedal it stops new midi notes from sounding, after looking in the forums a but i saw a post telling me to untick a box that says zero instrument something or other. it worked for a solid 20 minutes and then it stopped. the only time the sustain pedal functions properly with no problems is when the preference menu is open, other wise its for all intents and purposes unusable.
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