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  1. I have a dedicated setup for my DAW but it's in the basement and I dream of being somewhere else in the house where there is mor day light.....so I'm starting to investigate laptop. So.....Small disk space SSD or monster traditionnal HD? BTW. I know the working concept of an SSD and I already a big external HD to keep my files. Is this a big SSD no no, even focasual tracking? Let's see what you 'all have to say. Mario
  2. I see it. You have to use "quit" to see all the process disappear. mmm....."x" to close a window has been around for ages.....I guess that's what we call progress......(-: Thanks Mario
  3. Any reason (s) why we still see multiple "bandlab assistant" process running (4) ? AND signing out/close the application doesn't stop the process? It's a day one thing, hopefully not doing funny things in the background. I never leave 'em running ....I manually "end" them Mario
  4. HI, Is there a reason why launching cakewalk creates 3 "cakewalk start screen" proccess ? The all disappear when you close the window. Mario
  5. Haven't been keeping up-to-date with the assistant for a while I decided to give it a go today. I have access to the internet and my bandlab account since I'm posting this. I get a "update failed" Sommething went wrong. Please try again. I login/logout/kill leftover tasks/etc. I'am on W7. Could this give trouble with the assistant Thanks Mario
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