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  1. How to make developers see this topic and give feedback? The lack of the above function periodically pushes me to other DAWs. ))
  2. If I understand you correctly - yes, the tempo of the loop playback is synchronized with the tempo of the project in Cakewalk. Just checked it out.
  3. Until Bandlab has implemented a handy Media Browser for Cakewalk, I use the free ADSR Sample Manager app. It would be great to have similar functionality inside Cakewalk. Recomend for everybody. Below is the link. https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/software/adsr-sample-manager/
  4. It's a good idea if it helps developers see my request. ))
  5. No, I meant navigation and waveform in the sample browser, as implemented in the indicated DAWs (in the screenshots)
  6. Maybe I did not post my request correctly, please see my question at this link
  7. When using the Mute function (Hot Key - K), the clip disappears completely from the project. (((
  8. When will Cakewalk make a convenient browser and sample editor, like Cubase or Ableton, so that you can see all the information and waveform? Now we have to use third-party samplers for this.
  9. Cakewalk has long used the Pause / Break hotkey for the Enable / Disable GUI Throttle Mode. This causes a conflict with the popular Punto Switcher keyboard layout switcher. Even making the Pause key an exception causes errors related to the Throttle GUI. (( Can you assign the F12 key to enable the Throttle GUI mode and release the Pause / Break key?
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