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  1. Hi. I´m brazillian, so sorry for my english. So let me tell you my problem: My midi controller was working normally and suddently stop working. The setup is ok, nothing changed. I restarted de PC many times and nothing. I change de USB door, but nothing changed. When I try the plug ins out of cakewalk , works normally. In Ableton live too. But nothing happens on Cakewalk. My MIDI Controller is a M-Audio Keystation 49. I have a close Deadline to 5 songs, and all of them are projects in advanced state. So I just could't start again in another DAW. I tried to Export to OMF, but there's An error that I can conclude. I tried to freeze my midi tracks to transform them in audio format, but some of them just don´t change (stays in MIDI) It's becomming really hard to work. Someone could help me?
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