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  1. Hi all, I'm attempting to edit a midi track and I deleted a bum note in the piano roll. A pretty straighforward operation. However, I still hear the note upon playback. I expanded the grid to maximum to see if a little note was hiding but nothing shows. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks much. Steve
  2. Greetings all. I have been having issues with Aria player in Cakewalk. I did a search here and found some other threads dealing with similar issues but not the exact problems I'm having. I can record the midi ok and can even (usually) play back ok as long as I play straight through. However, if I try to start in the middle of a track or try to edit I get an error message and Cakewalk shuts down. This happens when I use Sonar X3 and Bandlab Cakewalk. I also occasionally get a message stating that there isn't enough memory available for my midi keyboard. I can't imagine what sort of memory that would refer to. I unplugged all other midi inputs and still experience that issue intermittently. Thanks for any advice you can give! Steve
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