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  1. Thankyou very much indeed I will try.
  2. I have a presonus audio Interface or usb. I did start to record with them but they said my software was obsolete and suddenly my inputs were disabled. No matter what I do I can't get them to work . When I go to edit ..then preferences .. audio driver s and devices the inputs say none. And this called freindly name , something is obstructing changing to audio USB it's saying that I need permission.. and edit cannot be done ... I might have to buy a different Interface .. don't buy presonus what ever you do
  3. i am trying to set up my recording set up in cakewalk .when i connect my audio interface to cakewalk it says connected. i have been going through the cakewalk basic video on youtube , stopping and acting at every stage . been through preferences got to the bit where it says add track and click on the + box i find in the input setting it just say none can anyone help please
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