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  1. 60% off RootBass and RootBass TANG (reg. $59) or the RootBass bundle (reg. $99). Mechanical bass instruments constructed from a multisampled vintage analog synthesizer, physical actuators, noise artifacts, and amp/cabinet impulses. For Kontakt 5.8+. Audio demos: https://soundcloud.com/pornofonic/sets/rootbass-demos Thru November. pornofonic.com
  2. 60% off RootBass or RootBass TANG (reg. $59) or the RootBass bundle (reg. $99). Dirty mechanical bass done right: Sound demos Thru November. PLUS new lower prices on everything else. 👌 pornofonic.com
  3. Use "CREATE30" thru March 31st. http://pornofonic.com
  4. Hi Zo—sorry for the delay, didn't catch this post. 1) do we have a control other the pitch of each soundsources ? You can shift the pitch of the attack and release articulations by +/-2 semitones—to produce different performance behaviors—otherwise there's Kontakt's global tune control. But there isn't octave switching like you might find in a soft/hardware synth. Each of the 20 instruments were sampled for the bass range, 2 octaves + a major 3rd. 2) can we have some fixed pitch for each section ( no matter the key pressed , for exemple , attack don t change pitch ... That's a very specific use case, so no. For recording, I would just use two tracks. You could possibly script something inside Kontakt to make it do this but I can't guarantee the script wouldn't interfere with the factory one... I hope that helps. Video walkthrough here:
  5. What separates a digital instrument from a mechanical one is the sound and feel of striking a key and sensing a mechanical actuator working the string or tine or electric contact. That unmistakeable, satisfying *thunk* is at the root of this new instrument. Constructed from a multisampled vintage analog synthesizer, physical actuators, noise artifacts, and amp/cabinet impulses, ROOTBASS recaptures the sound of classic bass keyboards, electric basses and bass synths from the 60s and 70s: smoky tines, fuzzy basses, funky clavs, electric fuzzbox pianos, deep synth arps, broken rock organs, and old noise boxes that never existed yet sound like they should have. As with all pornofonic instruments, noise and dirt are integral to the instrument’s character. ROOTBASS has a distinctive sound that feels solid, real, and deliciously mechanical. For Kontakt 5.8.1+ 25% off intro pricing thru January (reg. $59). Audio demos and video walkthrough at pornofonic.com
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