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  1. I had a final mix on a track and selected it. I then accidentally moved it up slightly to where the time bar is and released. I saw that the track was then being processed. However, I'm not sure what it was doing? Any ideas as to what is going on here? Thanks Mike
  2. CJ and Mark, Works Great!! Thanks for the help!!! Awesome to be back doing music with incredible support again... Mike
  3. Hey CJ, thanks, that's good to know. I've just never had to do this before. Learn something new every day I guess. You can teach an old dog new tricks... Mike
  4. Wow! Thanks Mark for the detailed explanation! I will give this a try Thanks Again! Mike
  5. Thanks for the reply CJ. CTL + ALT gives me the scissor tool and CTL + SHIFT looks like the right one. However, when I move the mix clip slightly to try and speed up the tempo the bass sounds like it has echo on it. Everything else seems okay. Also, this is not a clip with with just one instrument or vocal track; it's an entire mix. Would this matter? Might only work on a single clip and not a final mix. Not sure... Thanks, Hawky
  6. I have been away for a few years and now I'm writing again using SONAR Platinum. I have a mix that is a bit too slow. Never had to do this before so not sure how to proceed. Is this the timing tool? Thanks, Hawky
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