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  1. Hi to all, it's here someone to know, how to slightly mute the metronome in a Cakewalk by Bandlab. it seems much too loud to me when I recording Midi track... Thank you
  2. Thank you Reginald,thousand of times.... everything working like a charm ... Thank you Regards
  3. Thank you Bitflpper, I am noubie bout vocal recording and dont know much about buses...I know how to create new bus but dont know exactly how to rout signal from mic thru effect to headphones.Please can you explain more specific? Thank you for yout time and suport... Regards
  4. Please help with the recording of the vocals When recording vocals, the singer would like to hear some reverb on his vocals in head phones. How to assign a few reverb without this effect being recorded on the tape? I use the Focusrite Scarlett i818 for recording and playback. Thanks for the advice
  5. I found this video on you tube: as I can understand, any soft Synt can be usefol for conversion The video uses Repture Pro, which unfortunately I don't have, so I used Synt which is already installed in the Sonar program. Unfortunately, this does not work .... As I can see Melodine is the only solution ....
  6. Hi to all Cakewalk expert's, can anyone explain how to convert some Audio track to Midi track in Cakewalk By band Lab...? Thank you
  7. They show -15 dB's on source and master track.... I am atachet an exported MP3... Test1.mp3
  8. Thank you guy's for all your sugestion,link's and suport. I realized that my first job was to learn how to record properly with a larger input signal, but I definitely need to focus more on mix and mastering. Thank's again ...
  9. Thank you Martin and Tom, That mean: source track must be delite't after Spliting notes to several track's. To drag separated track to new track one by one,shuld criate new track first. Am I corect? I thing:there shuld bi same CAL obtion to do this with all separated track's at once....?
  10. Hi to all, I know the procedur how to split Midi drum track with function "CAL- Split note to tracks" Question is how to combine that separated track's to one track again? Please for help. Thank you
  11. Thank you Kalle for your input..., apparently the core of my problem is the signal input. Is too low... This is shown on the track in the picture. I tried to record with a larger input signal ,but there is a distortion here. I have no other option to increase the signal than the master volume on my keyboard. The Focusrite 18i8 on the input channels 5 and 6 (keyboard input chanel's) does not allow the height of the input signal to be adjusted So what is the marginal input signal setting that I should set in Sonar?This time dont talk about Comresor and ather staf.Just simple input signal withaut any FX. Thanks again for the help and advice
  12. Thank you Hibi, that is useful information.Dont know how to rout Windows player channel to the same as cakewalk use....? Maybe that's the problem I'm dealing with.In Windows audio settings, on my computer is the default audio device, Focusritte. That is the same device like Cakewalk use,but dont know how to rout to the same chanel. Please for an advice.... Regards
  13. David, your Presonus work with ASIO driver,so you must set ASIO driver allso in Cakewalk. Go to Edit....Preferencis....Audio...Playback and Recording and on Driver mode chouce ASIO driver in drop dowen menu.... That shuld work BDW do you instal driver for your Presonus ?
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