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  1. same with me.. but thx for the hint.. we should update this thread für interesting games deals! even though there is no time to play them.
  2. yes.. imo these are better than the cajón libraries by NI
  3. my Notebook is a Lenovo from 2011 Core i5 with 8 GB RAM.. Here quite smooth bahaviour, no dropouts unless there is a lot of plugins involved (high CPU average)
  4. +1 for move from folder to folder option +1 for nested folders
  5. some of your requests are good. thank you. I hope they find their way into the CbB development backlog..
  6. I noticed that the Mouse Wheel Zoom Options and the available keybindings are not well designed and in addition some of the functions are broken. Errors: With the following settings: 1. Zoom factor set at 2.0 (or higher) for horizontal/verticall & 2. Zoom In / Out at Cursor. 3. Simultaneous zoom option turned off. Trry zooming in / out (with Shift+Alt + Wheel). Zooming stops if the zoom fector is set higher/smaller than the reminaing track height is. And also the Zoom behaviour gets erratic after a few zooms and stops vertically, and if the track buttom is not in the track view extent anymore. The +Shift-option to make zooming faster does not work in neither mode and in neither direction. The keybinding for horizontal zoom different on the 2 modes: for with simultaneous zoom option turned on/off Since Track View navigation / zooming is one of the most used functions i hope this gets resolved in the near future. Thank you.
  7. What I found is that version 4 offers also much more possibilities to tweak the preset sounds=there are 8 knobs and many sliders. Version V offers only 4 knobs.. is that so?
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