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  1. I've never done it. So how is the upgrade process of Kontakt 6 to Kontakt 7 normally? is it cheaper than a crossgrade?
  2. https://www.amazona.de/leak-native-instruments-kontakt-7-kommt-bald-ein-komplete-14-update/ there it says: 7.0.0 — 2022-08-17 New HiDPI Browser, Factory Library 2 (first HiDPI content), new effects. ADDED Fullscreen HiDPI Browser featuring global text search; filter by tag, brand and properties (editable for user-created content), favourite presets for quick access, and import non-player libraries FIXED Kontakt is HiDPI compatible – correctly sized on high resolution displays ADDED Two new effects – Psyche Delay and Ring Modulator CHANGED Locate Libraries has been changed to Manage Libraries and redirects to Native Access IMPROVED Octave numbers are now shown on the virtual keyboard IMPROVED Help text now extends to the width of the rack FIXED Tape Saturator would cut out the signal with sample rates above 192khz FIXED Output section batch creation would create surround channels instead of stereo FIXED Edit all buses did not apply to all send effects parameters FIXED Kontakt would crash when attempting to display special characters FIXED Kontakt would crash when forcing Wavetable parameters out of range via KSP FIXED Banks did not have a default file name FIXED Collection of minor GUI fixes IMPROVED New empty groups can now also be created from the expert tab context menu FIXED Group output was not saved in snapshots FIXED Help tags would be stuck when overlaying controls IMPROVED Maximum number of declared user zones has been increased to 1024 IMPROVED Empty user zones can now be hidden in the Mapping Editor FIXED When using auto map in the Mapping Editor Kontakt would not interpret numerical tokens starting with zero FIXED Zone auto mapping numeric value to single key would not set the root note IMPROVED Save with absolute sample paths is now off by default and not persistent IMPROVED Script errors and warnings are now more informative and consistent IMPROVED KSP Added a getter for $EVENT_PAR_MOD_VALUE_ID IMPROVED KSP ui_mouse_area now responds to control parameters for Control, Alt and Shift keyboard modifiers FIXED An issue where Reaper creates mono instead of stereo channels for Kontakt multi outputs FIXED A crash with Cubase using certain 3rd party libraries
  3. FR - Make Smart Grid adjustable, which means i want to adjust how fine the snap-raster is set, based on the zoom level. The snap-raster is often much finer than i would like to have it. Thank you, Peter
  4. @scookThanks, AutohotKey is a good workaround. Just for anyone who wants to know my Script for 2 shortcuts is as follows: BR, Peter
  5. yes, Pianobook is addictive. Besides Google and a news website, itts my most visited site. every 3 or 4 days i check if there are new libraries..
  6. +1 my keybindings dissapear every now and then`also. I suspect that changing the Cakewalk Version could be the reason perhaps? I export my bindings often, to revert if i have to.
  7. Hi, Description: I would like to use "Show/Hide ProChannel" in TrackView with my left hand, and therefore i want to change the default keybinding "Ctrl-i" to "Ctrl-e" . Issue: But in the Keybindings Dialog the "Show/Hide ProChannel" function is only only available under "Console View" and not in "TrackView" or "Global Bindings" (see image) Thus, the custom binding "Ctrl-e" to show/hide the ProChannel in does not work TrackView (only the default binding) This is s small bug which i hope can be fixed quite easily? Thank you in advance. Peter
  8. I tried it and it's nice, but then I played my Wurlitzer by 8DIO and it's a total different level. 8Dio sometimes has sales and you can get it for 30 Dollars. It's worth it. The same can be said about their Rhodes. Both are wonderful and very versatile (many Velocity Layers!!)
  9. nice guitar picking theme, good song! Your voice and the overall atomsphere reminds me a bit of The Sea and Cake.. if you don't know them have a listen! keep it up!, Peter Ps. an untuned string at 2.40 ;)... Ps2. after 2 listens it went straight to my 2022 Playlist! thx!
  10. it worked, despite the error message. thank you..! its not part of the Gold package so its actually very useful.
  11. how many velocity layers are there?
  12. Hi, thx for the response: i am on Win10 and i only use Windows Defender. After your post i added some of the folder i thought relevnt to the exclusions list of Windows Defender (Waves and VST3 folder) - Do you think this could be the solution? I will try this and i will reinstall Waves CR8 when i am back home in the evening.
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