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  1. Any progress on this issue guys? I've equipped my studio lately with additional hardware that I can barely use with Cakewalk. It's been a long time since I've been a Sonar user and now this issue still persists. I am confident that if this is fixed and we can route mono or dual mono signals to outboard hardware at separate outputs, no other DAW would be able to compete with Cakewalk by far. I understand that the sole design of the routing is responsible for not being able to hijack a separate mono output and I agree that the routing in Cakewalk is unmatched, but at the same time this feature is very necessary. I'd be happy to contribute with my programming skills to help resolving the problem.
  2. Unbelievable that this issue is still unresolved. I'm searching the internet from time to time in hope that it's been addressed, but doesn't seem so. My setup harbors bunch of outboard hardware and I have a full Presonus rack with the Quantum 2626 thunderbolt 3 interface. Studio One comes extra when you buy Presonus hardware, but I've been using Sonar before since 2009-2010... As time goes, disregarding the greatness of Cakewalk and how I can set up a project workflow in no time, still this mono feature (or better said, the lack of it), disables me from using 1176s for example. I have to split up a stereo track and hard pan it in order to get a mono signal into each of the 1176s separately, which is definitely a no way to go! You lose stereo image and it definitely changes the mix the way you don't want. I'm slowly thinking to go with the Studio One, it's one click away to install from my Presonus control panel.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been a Sonar user since the early stages already for a very long time. As I have transitioned towards this new version (that I still tend to call Sonar, sounds kinda cool), there were some minor issues surfacing from time to time which I plan to bring up eventually here. In this context, there is a problem with the MIDI assignment of inputs, which has changed since recently. Namely, when you connect a keyboard while Kontakt player is running and you assign the MIDI as it requests in a message, the inputs and outputs of all other MIDI synths will be randomly reassigned. However, when you plug in your MIDI controller and then run Cakewalk, everything is normal. I guess this is some sort of bug and needs to be fixed. Opinions and views are very welcomed indeed, perhaps there's some workaround or even fix that I haven't managed to come by so far for this. Cheers!
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