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  1. Discovering the solution I feel a bit like a *****. The output channels, just as the input channels are stereo. So ... Ch1 L in (Cakewalk Track1 Panned Left) > Touchmix Ch1 Out = Touchmix Ch1 Ch1 R in (Cakewalk Track2 Panned Right) > Touchmix Ch1 Out = Touchmix Ch2 Kinda obvious after thinking about it …
  2. Good day Looking for some insight. I'm using my Touchmix as an input / output device. Multitrack recording and mix down. Cakewalk see's 16 odd ch# inputs 1L/1R/Stereo; 3L/3R etc. Typical with Sonar/Cakewalk since mutli channel input devices were incarnated. The even channels are the R inputs of the odd number channels. Whats odd is it only presents 16 odd ch mono outputs. a bit of a pain with the limited control surface real estate of the touchmix to use every other slider control. Other DAW software sees the Touchmix as CH 1-16 inputs and outputs. So this seems a behavior Cakewalk and not driver related. Thoughts ? Cakewalk team .. REALLY appreciate you keeping the product alive and continuing development. Would you have a look at this ???
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