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  1. After more testing, I think I've narrowed it down to a problem with the synth plugin I'm using. I swore I saw this happen with other soft-synths I've used, but after trying again, the problem seems to follow the plugin. Thanks for the quick responses and little tips to help me learn even more about all the little settings and where-to-looks in CW.
  2. Hello, At certain points during my editing, some of my MIDI information gets automatically "shifted down" for unknown reasons. If I restart Cakewalk, or reopen my project, everything seems to return to normal. The shift affects playback of a single track, as well as real-time incoming MIDI events from my keyboard. The shift is a full step down (i.e., two half-steps). I can reproduce the problem by simply creating a new project with a single MIDI/soft-synth track, recording a few chords, and then using the space-bar to stop/play repeatedly. After repeatedly stopping/playing by using the space bar, eventually the notes start sounding step lower. Nothing in the MIDI track data changes. The notes just start sounding lower. Any ideas on what to even start looking at? Cakewalk? Plugin? Something else? It's not major, but getting really annoying.. Thanks, Paul
  3. Perfect! Thanks so much for the information. I doubt I would have ever figured that out on my own. Thanks again...
  4. Hello, I'm new to Cakewalk, and new to DAW software in general. I've been playing around the last few days, doing very simple things like adding new tracks, using VST instruments, etc. One problem I'm having is that for whatever reason, I'm not able to set the volume value for some tracks, and have it "stick". As soon as I change it and release the mouse button, the value for the track volume reverts back a different value. It's like something in the track is overriding whatever value I try to set using the volume control. I hope that makes sense. As I mentioned, this is only happening for certain tracks, and I'm not sure WHY some tracks exhibit this behavior and some tracks work as I expect. Any ideas? I'm not even sure what additional information might be helpful in solving the problem. If there's anything specific that would be useful, let me know. Thanks
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