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  1. Hello Kalle, Thanks for the info. :) As i said i'm new at Cakewalk. Let me explain detailed: I tried open a blank project and record my guitar over blank project. There's no other channel expect my guitar. I added Audio to channel section. Connect my guitar at the guitar input at U-24. Disable hardware monitoring with turning knob. And i just pressed the input echo button. But there's no sound. I can see sound input is working because input lights flashing. If i add another audio to play over with it. There's still no sound. All sound is suddenly cutted out when i click input echo, or record icon. :( I'll upload a video about problem today. I wish it's a small problem.
  2. My speakers are attached to U-24 via stereo cable at line out 1. I disabled my onboard sound card. Headphones attached to U-24 too. "What synth is playing the MIDI data?" i didn't understand that question. Sorry i'm little noob about this situation.
  3. Hello Noel, I can record when i click record icon. But after click the record button all the channels are going to mute. (Not Manuel mute, just the sound goes away.) But after when i record i can play back again. But can't listen and record together.
  4. Hello all I just wanted to play basslines over midis on Cakewalk. I'm using ASIO drivers of the Zoom U-24. My problem is when i click on the "input echo" or "record" buttons on channels the sound is stopping. I can see bars moving but there's no sound on speakers or headphones. I'm attached my settings screenshots here. It's very annoying problem. I disabled my realtek hd sound card from bios. BTW there's no problem with ASIO4ALL drivers but i can't use other apps with sound when i'm using cakewalk with ASIO4ALL. And i have already ASIO drivers with my sound interface. So i deleted all ASIO4ALL drivers too. Is there something i missed about these? I tried with other DAWS (Bitwig and Ableton) I can see input meters are moving when i connected the bass. But there's no sound at other DAWs too. My friend tried U-24 at another MAC and Windows PCs and said it was working with no problem. Can someone help me about these problem please? :( At Settings i've got 1 input and 2 output drivers named Zoom U-24 ASIO Driver in 1 and Zoom U-24 ASIO Driver Out 1 and 3 All of them active. At my Driver Settings Playback Timing Master: ASIO Driver Out 1 Record Timing Master: ASIO Driver In 1
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