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  1. I have had a couple of issues with crashing in recent versions, there are a few posts further back in this thread about one of the crashes. Another one I experienced that was repeatable was crashing when stopping playback when using VST instruments. I managed to cure this one by increasing the buffer size under Audio - Playback and Recording. I can't say for certain that this was specifically related to the latest version of Cakewalk as other things may have changed on my PC. It might be worth a try to see if it makes a difference for you.
  2. Fully understand Noel's point about the plugin crashing but, as sometimes it is ok and other times it crashes there must be some interaction that is triggering it. I would like to find what that is and try to avoid it as I don't expect there is likely to be a quick fix from the developer. I have updated again to 2022.11 Update 1 and done some more testing. What I have found so far is that increasing the buffer size has reduced the crashing the point were it now only crashes at the end of playback. The sound will still stop during playback with the meters for the master bus and another bus that I have set up for reverb going to max which I assume is the cause of the crack from the speakers. The track meters continue to show normal playback levels. If I stop playback the meters for both of these busses remain at max while none of the track meters are showing any levels. Lowering the fader has no affect on the meters until they are all the way down. Moving the faders up any amount sends the meters back to max. If I bypass then turn back on the effects rack on these buses the sound starts to work again. I have tried deleting the bus with the reverb and removing all effects form the master bus but this makes to difference. Even with no effects bypassing and turning back on the effects rack restores the sound to working. I have also re-crated one of the projects from scratch with the same routing/effects and copied and pasted the clips from the original project to the new one. I have tested this one a several times over the last few days and it has been working flawlessly. Unfortunately this is a laborious workaround and as I have not found the actual cause I am not confident that the new project won't start to exhibit the same behaviour eventually.
  3. Admittedly I didn't pay any attention to the time on the minidump, I just took the latest one that was there which must have been from after I rolled back. It is strange as after I rolled back to 2011.09 I didn't notice any crash and I played through the project several times without any problems. I also worked with it at least once since posting without any issues. I just opened it up to test again and it crashed first play through! Looks like there must be something else going on on my system that is a least somewhat intermittent. I have feeling this could be a tricky one to nail down. Thank you for taking a look.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. The same project using BBCSO is working fine after rolling back to 2022.09 and also worked without issues in previous versions so it does appear to be related to something in the update. Is there anything else I can test or information that I can provide to help narrow it down?
  5. Any suggestions or feedback on this issue? I notice the crash dump hasn't been downloaded. Is it incorrect? Do I need to send it somewhere else instead?
  6. After installing 2022.11 I am having an issue with audio dropping out and Cakewalk crashing. Sometimes there will be a crackle from the speakers and audio stops even through playback is continuing. I will get a crackle from the speakers when clicking play and clicking stop. Clicking run/stop audio engine also produces a crackle. Sometimes there is a crackle during playback and Cakewalk crashes. I have done some troubleshooting and it appears to be related to the Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface. I tested with a different interface (Yamaha MODX synth) and did not experience the problem. I also tried all combinations of MMCSS settings, but it did not make any difference. Also updated the driver for the Scarlet but that also didn't make any difference. I have rolled back to 2022.09 and all is well again. I have attached a crash dump from 2022.11 Update 1. Cakewalk.exe.17432.dmp.zip
  7. I am having this same issue with 2022.02 but it is not limited to scrolling with the mouse. With a long list clicking on the up or down arrow or clicking on the scroll bar above or below the thumb results in a jump to the beginning or end. Not a show stopper but annoying. Initially I thought a lot of instruments had gone missing until I realised what was happening!
  8. @John T Thanks that was it. I was working on creating a template so that track was empty and the events option was greyed out. I had added automation lanes to control parameters of the VST and it didn't occur to me that the automation lanes themselves are part of events an not just the automation on the lanes. The workaround is to have a clip on the track so that events check box can be selected when duplicating the track. @Will_Kaydo Thanks for taking the time to look at this and create the video.
  9. When I duplicate a track where I have added automation lanes the automation lanes do not get copied. Also if I have changed the property settings for automation like for example Write Mode = Overwrite these properties also do not get copied to the duplicated track and revert to defaults. When duplicating the track I have selected properties in the Duplicate Track dialog. I have looked but can't find any settings relating to this. Does anyone know if there is a setting I am missing that will allow the automation lanes and properties to be duplicated along with the track?
  10. I have discovered that UWP is not problem free either. The sustain pedal connected to the MIDI controller does not work after Cakewalk is started. The only workaround I have found so far is to temporarily change back to MME mode then back to UWP mode again. After this the sustain pedal works again.
  11. Midi mode was set to MME. I tried changing it to UWP and it appears to fix the problem. I have closed and restarted Cakewalk several times with Midi mode set to UWP and the controller works every time. If I switch back to MME the controller the does not work if Cakewalk is started with it enabled. I have not done any other testing yet to see if there are any issues running in UWP mode. Thanks for the help
  12. The problem I am seeing does not fit exactly into any of the three issues listed above. When I start Cakewalk my controller is showing up in the list of MIDI devices and is enabled (checked) but, it does not work. If I unplug the USB cable Cakewalk notifies me that the controller has been disconnected. If I plug it back in Cakewalk notifies me that a new device has been connected and asks if I want to use it. It will be listed and enabled but it will still not work. The only way the controller will work is if Cakewalk is started with the controller disabled (unchecked). Once Cakewalk starts I can then enable the controller and it works. This is only affecting Cakewalk, the controller works normally in other software.
  13. My experience is the same as John I can plug a midi keyboard in (Novation 49SL MkII) after Cakewalk is started and a dialog is displayed asking if I want Cakewalk to add this device now. Even when the controller is not responding , if I unplug the USB cable Cakewalk displays a message to say that it was disconnected , then when plugged back in the dialog asking if I want Cakewalk to add this device now displayed but it still does not respond after clicking Yes. The only way to get it to work is to unselect it in settings close Cakewalk, open Cakewalk and then select it again.
  14. I have recently started having the exact same issue. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Every time Cakewalk is started the Midi controller does not work. I have to unselect the controller in preferences, exit Cakewalk, restart Cakewalk and then select the controller again. Basically if Cakewalk is started with the controller selected it does not work which is getting annoying. I do not have any issues with the controller in any other application.
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