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  1. I have discovered that UWP is not problem free either. The sustain pedal connected to the MIDI controller does not work after Cakewalk is started. The only workaround I have found so far is to temporarily change back to MME mode then back to UWP mode again. After this the sustain pedal works again.
  2. Midi mode was set to MME. I tried changing it to UWP and it appears to fix the problem. I have closed and restarted Cakewalk several times with Midi mode set to UWP and the controller works every time. If I switch back to MME the controller the does not work if Cakewalk is started with it enabled. I have not done any other testing yet to see if there are any issues running in UWP mode. Thanks for the help
  3. The problem I am seeing does not fit exactly into any of the three issues listed above. When I start Cakewalk my controller is showing up in the list of MIDI devices and is enabled (checked) but, it does not work. If I unplug the USB cable Cakewalk notifies me that the controller has been disconnected. If I plug it back in Cakewalk notifies me that a new device has been connected and asks if I want to use it. It will be listed and enabled but it will still not work. The only way the controller will work is if Cakewalk is started with the controller disabled (unchecked). Once Cakewalk starts I can then enable the controller and it works. This is only affecting Cakewalk, the controller works normally in other software.
  4. My experience is the same as John I can plug a midi keyboard in (Novation 49SL MkII) after Cakewalk is started and a dialog is displayed asking if I want Cakewalk to add this device now. Even when the controller is not responding , if I unplug the USB cable Cakewalk displays a message to say that it was disconnected , then when plugged back in the dialog asking if I want Cakewalk to add this device now displayed but it still does not respond after clicking Yes. The only way to get it to work is to unselect it in settings close Cakewalk, open Cakewalk and then select it again.
  5. I have recently started having the exact same issue. Has anyone found a solution to this problem? Every time Cakewalk is started the Midi controller does not work. I have to unselect the controller in preferences, exit Cakewalk, restart Cakewalk and then select the controller again. Basically if Cakewalk is started with the controller selected it does not work which is getting annoying. I do not have any issues with the controller in any other application.
  6. It is not mentioned in the release notes but todays update (2019.12 build 26) appears to have fixed this.
  7. I am having the same issue with automation and am also using Windows 10. I have found that if I click in the time ruler and move the now time so that it is not on a beat or half way between two beats then click play the automation works. If the now time is on the beat or half way between the two beats when I click play the automation does not work correctly.
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