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  1. Also on special offer: 30% off with 2 free expansions through October 18th. ($/€ 244)
  2. But does it end when the day counter reaches 0 days remaining, or does it end 24 hours after that? Because right up until it changes over, there is still 1 day remaining. The day counter changes at 14:00 CEST (Italy), which apparently is 8am EST. Seems a strange time of day to end on, if we're supposed to reach 20k participants "by the end of September". If it were to run through the next day though, 14:00 on October 1st would also be 0:00 at the International Date Line...
  3. I think it matters! Isn't IKM's regular price 49.99 for the upgrade? That would only let you choose products 49.99 and below! This is apparently is the full, 99.99 version for sale at 49.99. Once you register it, IKM sees it as a 99.99 spend and lets you choose items up to that value.
  4. I think you can still get the Collective synth plus Beta Maxed sound pack for "free" with the current issue of Computer Music (Autumn 2021/CM300).
  5. I have a credit card linked to my PayPal account and it gets charged in foreign currency by default. I remember selecting some "always let the card issuer determine the currency conversion rate" option on that initial PayPal window years ago. Are you sure there isn't a setting hidden somewhere to make this the default option? (PayPal Europe, Visa card issued in Europe, with Euro as card currency, don't know if that may be relevant).
  6. As far as I know, Bax Music is actually a Dutch shop, although they do have individual sites for some European countries as found on bax-shop.com. Ordering download codes is definitely not an automated process. I purchased some download codes from bax-shop.nl a couple of weeks ago, and ran into a few problems. For the first order payment was unsuccessful, even though the credit card payment process appeared to go okay. Immediately received an automated email with a link to try that process again, so that was quickly rectified. But then you're supposed to get the code on a packing slip that should arrive by email, except it never did. It then took several days for them to respond to my email inquiry. A different software item couldn't be ordered without adding a physical product or the checkout process would fail with a "too many redirects" error. That code was indeed sent on a packing slip: by email, once the physical item was dispatched, and included in the package. I don't know if I would recommend ordering from them with a "fake" UK/EU address.
  7. I found these offers in my mail archive: 2016, November - 30% off Absolute 2 (released September 2015) 2018, April - 50% off Absolute 3 (released February 2017) 2019, November - 50% off Absolute 4 (released January 2019) Absolute doesn't appear to go on offer very often. (Although, I don't know if these are all sales on Absolute; Steinberg's mailing list didn't always notify me of some of the more interesting sales).
  8. Slightly convoluted, but you get the Innervelt plugin by "buying" the Noontide album on Bandcamp: Follow the link to Bandcamp. https://micahfrank.bandcamp.com/album/noontide "Buy" the album for $0, and enter your email address to get a download link. With the album download you'll get instructions to download the plugin from Dropbox. I don't think any account login is necessary. (Although you can have it added to your Bandcamp collection if you do log in, but then you're expected to pay at least $1).
  9. Official link to the manual I received by email some years ago: http://dl03.magix.net/manual_sms2019_en.pdf
  10. It is pay what you want, with no minimum, this week only. From today's mailing: http://ec2.puremagnetik.com/sendy/w/Hg8bcGnu36QqS9zMHk2R2A/qXrPUNSQN68763Ma4OvDY75g/Pugdmai025klmpav34UArg Fragment is Free (Name-Your-Price) All Week Fragment is a simple and fun dual looping device designed to generate new, modulating fragments of your input audio. It is a quick way to sketch out some new ideas and help formulate unique sound phrases. Fragment was inspired by An Moku's customized looper pedal that he used throughout the production of Less. The device can record two loops, pitch shift them up and down 24 semitones, set modulating start/end times and fluctuate all of these parameters with volume.
  11. The code is for the WA Production website and appears to be still active. A discount code can be entered when you view the cart contents. It's actually the first page of the checkout process that is skipped if you just click "Checkout"... edit: Oh, Tom's just answered while I was typing...
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