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  1. This has been flagged up by several users in the 'feedback thread. Try this, it worked for me -
  2. The latest Bandlab Assistant is broken. It just hangs and doesn't download the update (Win 8.1 x64). I uninstalled the latest Bandlab Assistant and installed the previous version. It updated Cakewalk just fine. I'm not happy that this DAW is now dependent on Microsoft Edge. Perhaps it's time to jump ship.
  3. It's solved - and it's neither the Ice9 plugin nor Cakewalk 2020.09 that is causing the issue 😉 It took some time to track down the culprit, but after eliminating the usual suspects; drivers, O/S updates etc etc, it turned out it was Toneboosters Compressor v4.3.2 that was the root cause of the issue on my system. I reverted to version 4.2.1 of the compressor on Cakewalk 2020.09 and everything is working fine. I will report this issue to Toneboosters.
  4. Which doesn't cause any problems at all in 2020.08 😉 Cerberus Ice9 is a soft auto mute plug which sits at the very end of the master bus signal chain. It's saved my hearing on many occasions. It didn't activate in either mixing session (2020.09 or 2020.08) as I always mix with plenty of headroom, so I'm not sure why it would cause version 2020.09 to crash ... Thanks for the crash dump decode though.
  5. Version 2020.09 is an unusable crash-fest for me. (Windows 8.1 Pro x64). Just trying to do a simple mix with 16 audio tracks and only low cpu channel strips, EQs and comps resulted in several Audio Engine stoppages and 3 Cakewalk crashes (crash dump file attached) in the space of about 10 minutes. Uninstalling 2020.09 and rolling back to 2020.08 fixed the issue perfectly and I was able to work on the mix without any issues at all.
  6. Sorry, I must be missing something here. Please do explain as to why you believe that in the case of software that is free, it therefore follows that it * must * be open source ? 😕
  7. Re offline activation - Could not the exchange of activation request file and the activation response be done via a web-browser and the Bandlab website, as it used to be done back in the days of Sonar ? It would be perfect for those of us who use Windows offline for our DAW and Linux for internet use. It appears that without being able to download the installer executable and then transfer it to an offline computer, that the new offline activation feature is a fudge at best. Or have I misunderstood how it works ?
  8. Really ? SLAX works absolutely fine in the latest version of Cakewalk here 😕
  9. Try this freebie as an alternative. I prefer it to CA-2A personally: Sonic Anomaly SLAX - http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=2593
  10. Hi there ! Good to see the new forum 🙂
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