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  1. Yeah, but I find that Category/Manufacturer/Type sort layout so... insufficient, often a sort of rework to do. "Oh, I need a Manufacturer's plugin!". My thoughts are more like "What about a distortion? Ok, it's gonna be Distortion X, where did I put it?" As I did say in another forum, those layouts actually organizes the plugins in a huge one list. It's like take all kind of gadgets, tag them by categories, and so put them in just ONE drawer in a cabinet. All the DAWs actually do that for some reason. Why would I need to pass by a reverb when I want a distortion?
  2. Just to thank you by Cakewalk, which I find it wonderful and powerful; and to suggest you a feature: just mirroring the plugins folder tree structure in Plugins TAB, as in Windows Explorer. Oftenly, we want to organize our - usually many - thirdy party plugins by ourselves, and this is a very fast way to do that. I used to use that feature in my ancient Synapse Orion (below) and that make things pretty simple. Thats just a suggestion, I know how hard things could be. Thank you for this nice piece of software.
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