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  1. Thanks scook and 905133, Video option appears in the Views menu when Advanced workspace is selected. Works like a charm now. :)
  2. Looked there already, plus the workspace setting does not affect the Views menu.
  3. It looks like the functionality has been removed. If you clicked on the Views menu in Sonar, Video was between Lyrics and Big Time. Video is not there anymore.
  4. Q: "you can show/see video thumbnails" A: "Right-click the video view and click Show/Hide Thumbnails" Showing/seeing video thumbnails is not the issue, as stated. Viewing the video is the problem. How can you "Right-click the video view" when the "Open Video View" is not working? The video view is not opening.
  5. I previously used Sonar for video/movie scoring. Cakewalk by BL allows you to import a video, and you can show/see video thumbnails, but when right clicking and selecting 'Open Video View' or hitting ALT+SHIFT+2 nothing happens, ie. you can't view/play the video. Has this function been removed?
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