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  1. Ok Good news is that this fixed and tested in the Update for Blade2, the developer informed me that he will carry this fix to the other mentioned Rp Plug ins soon!! Thank you Noel of Cakewalk and Jon Ayers of Rob Papen for a quick response and fix!!
  2. Thank you Noel I will send that also to them with your reply, I do beta testing as well for several companies.. so I will send a detailed report to them. Thank you for your speedy reply.. maybe I must also reset Cakewalk and reinstall it perhaps that would help.. what is your recommended settings in the preferences setting?
  3. Here it is Noel It is 6mb big and wont upload is there any other way I can send it to you?
  4. I can when I am home but I see the dump file was about 5mb and that is higher than the limit of the file size allowed on the forum
  5. I have a problem when I add Rob Papen Blade1 or Blade2 Synth or Punch1 or 2 and I hit the panic reset button and it instantly crashes cakewalk by bandlab. I tried the same in Sonar Pro 8.5 and it does not crash... I even stripped my vst scan paths that it would only pick up the blade2 and did the test again and crash in Bandlab Sonar and No Crash in Sonar pro 8.5.
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