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  1. OK, now I get what you meant Yes, it would require reconfiguration of code and graphics maybe. The time has come ... Maybe it didn't need to have two setups to choose from, if the one meter available was revamped. IMO Nugens Visualizer have a really good peak/rms meter, with also the ability to K-scale and others. (at the bottom, although lying down)
  2. I second what OP wrote. There is quite good space available on the console beside the fader to make the meter a lot bigger and more detailed. And the suggestion to make it pop out even bigger or be able to dock a real big meter of the chosen channel would be great when recording. I would also really like to easily (not using any theme editor) set values where the meter changes colors, so you easily see where the signal resides.
  3. Hi! Something I've wanted in CW/Sonar for a long long time is the ability to arrange and re-arrange parts of a song in an easy way by using what Reaper calls regions (not the same as regions in CW), or some kind of playlist where you can move around verse, chorus, bridge and other parts of the song witout needing to copy, cut and paste individual tracks. Studio One also have this feature, and also Cubase? Reason too I think? It is a very nifty tool when writing and arranging a songs basic structure. Some early sequncers had a pattern based way of building songs, and even if that may explain the feature I'm looking for, it is important that you can work in a linear mode at the same time. EDIT: SO happy this feature now is a part of Cakewalk! great job! Oh! And one thing that would be great is to be able to start a song from bar 0.0.0 as a count-in section. Thanks!
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