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  1. I personally started in FL Studio years ago, then once I got into Ableton I was hooked. I’ve tried everything from bitwig, studio one, to logic and probably some others between. Honestly, I’ll likely end up sticking with Ableton, just because my workflow in Ableton is unmatched by any other DAW so far, but I do want to put as much effort into this one as I can and see what happens. If I could ever find a nice compromise between some of the features in Ableton & FL Studio, I’d be sold 100% The price point and the looks of some of their stock plugins is what pushed me to try cakewalk lol.
  2. This is a good idea, I will give that a try for sure, thanks!
  3. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  4. Hey guys, This would be my second topic, but I am curious, have any of you here previously used Ableton Live 8/9/10? If so, I'm wondering what kind of advice you guys could give me to help improve my workflow in Cakewalk. I just feel like maybe people with previous Ableton experience, and workflow methods created through Ableton, might be able to help explain things a little better to me. Thanks in advanced for any help!
  5. I do not believe my selection is more than half a measure past the end of the existing clip. I have created a clip 4 bars long, and the measure of my notes is approximately 1/2 of a bar. I select my notes from last to first trying to copy them across the full length of the current clip, and considering my first/only 4 notes only take up the first half bar of a 4 bar clip, I think I can safely assume that I'm not selecting anything over the length of the current clip.
  6. I also tried that, but was still having the same issue sadly.
  7. Ah this should work, thanks!
  8. Here's a picture example of what keeps happening vs what I want. I made the one I want by drawing all the notes manually, but there must be a way to copy them without the clip copying.
  9. Yes, I am using PRV. I right-click drag over the 4 notes, CTRL-C, then CTRL-V...but it copies the whole clip instead of just the selected notes inside the clip. I can manually draw out the rest of the notes in the clip, but it'd be much easier to fill the clip using copy/paste.
  10. Hi everyone, I just decided to download this DAW and give it a try the other day, so yes, very new to it. All good so far, but there's one annoying issue I'm having and I can't seem to find the appropriate answer to it after quite a bit of googling & reading. I made a 4 bar midi clip for an arp, I have drawn in the first four notes of the clip and am trying to copy those 4 notes through the rest of the 4 bar clip. The problem I'm having is when I try to select those 4 notes it seems to select the whole clip, and instead of copying the notes it copies the clip over & over. What am I doing wrong here?
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