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  1. Bapu: For the longest time (even in SONAR X..) had a similar problem with UVIWorkstationx64.dll. Scan would stall and I had to cancel out of scan. Changing to 'scan at startup' didn't solve it either. Realized that I had stored the UVIWorkstationx64.dll plug inside the Native Instruments plugins_x64 directory for some reason. Moved it first to C:\Program Files\Steinberg and it worked fine. Then moved it to C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins, and it loads even faster. It lives in there with the WaveShell.Vst3 just fine. Also, after it is moved, try to re-register it in the registry using the elevated CMD window from the directory it is moved to with "regsvr32 {plugin name .dll}" (Google this if you have questions.) Then try to scan again. * I'm not sure if there is some kind of limit on the number of DLL's that can live in one directory in the Plugin Scanner, but with 385 VST's on my system, I solved this one hanging. Also, the DLL's that were listed after it (alphabetically) are now also scanned and registered (about 6 of them).
  2. I use the "Classic Shell" instead of Metro, and have had my task bar auto-hide since Vista. Unless I pull my mouse too far down, I don't even notice. Don't know the answer to that, sorry.
  3. Thanks Cookie! You jogged a few of my neurons loose and I just finished setting up a couple of custom workspaces and also saved them in my default startup template. Ready to start composing again. Have full screen console on monitor 2 in mix mode, and a full screen PRV on screen 2 in edit mode. Refresh rate on live switching is only 720ms and it doesn't appear to glitch audio on the fly. I thought about creating screenshots, but those are project specific and I wanted an application default, so this does the trick. Great ideas fellas. Danka.
  4. Yes gentlemen... previous to Platinum, all versions of SONAR since V7 have been able to save a session with any undocked windows (expecially if in full screen mode) to remain where they were when the session was saved. Only the Platinum to CbB has it been an issue. I usually have my plugin popup windows go to screen 2 as well, and when I have them in focus via computer or controller (ProjectMix or NI KK s61) they come to the front. I'd really like to have some sessions (ex:during composition) have the ability to undock the PRV, move it to screen 2, full screen mode, and then it would be in the same place on next open of same session. I often end up with up to 90+ tracks in the track view with post video spotting and scratch dialog tracks as well as Efx, Foley, and music, and really need all the TV real estate that I can get.
  5. I run a system with 3 monitors for composing film soundtracks ([1] track pane, [2] console,[3] Video window w/big time) and would like to know if anyone has managed to figure out how to undock the console to a second monitor, save the project, and then have the console return to second monitor on next re-open of same project? It always collapses back to the multidock when I re-open. Did I miss something in setting up my custom workspaces?
  6. Nobletonmusic: I have using the NI Komplete Kontrol S61 as my solitary key controller since it came out with NI Komplete V10/11/12 with absolutely no problems. Love it. The Mark II version of the keyboard is even more useful with the LCD screens on it. I just use the onscreen popup browser instead. (new to the forum, so no profile yet.)
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