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  1. If you did you would know the answer. Even if you only have Kontakt Player you would know. 😀
  2. Have you had a look at this tutorial? I know nothing, I just remembered this is in the tutorials section. 😀
  3. Also, have a look in the Tutorials section for Recording Audio.
  4. Did you let it install to the default folders?
  5. I can understand people saying they are difficult to create, but they are trivial to use. Let's say your are using ABC Violin. Without articulation maps: You want tremelo. You look in the user manual, it says keyswitch F#3. So you insert an F#3 note. Next month you have to look it up again because you have forgotten the keyswitch. With articulation maps: You want tremelo. You insert articulation tremelo. You don't have an articulation map for ABC Violin? Ask on this forum.
  6. You do not want to set the levels to 0dB. When you add them together you get a lot more than 0dB - ie clipping. Go to the tutorials section of the forum and look for gain staging. Audio and instrument tracks have built-in VU meters. Audi and instrument tracks have gain knobs to adjust the levels.
  7. The MIDI out MUST be greyed out because the vocoder has no MIDI output to enable. If the tick doesn't appear try reinstalling the VST.
  8. You don't need MIDI Out. You only need MIDI In.
  9. Presume you are using Sine Player, even though you say nothing about it. Click the Browse button. In the Orchestra row click on the tiny arrow on the right. Double-click on Chords Major Sustain. On the far right you will see a blue progress bar. Full Orchestra Chords Major Sustain will appear in the Articulations list. You will see a keyboard. Click and hold any white key. You will hear sound. Click on any of the brown keys to select different articulations. In the Piano Roll the lowest note that plays is C3, the highest is B8. Make sure the MIDI is routed to the Sine Player.
  10. Nigel Mackay

    No Output Sound

    Go to Tutorials section and watch tutorials about MIDI. There it will teach you how to route your MIDI tracks to the instrument you wish to use.
  11. Make the chord last 1 measure. Loop that measure.
  12. Top left corner of the instrument's GUI.
  13. I suspect it is only you. Been some time since its release. Uninstall and reinstall. The link to the unnistaller is in the EAP post.
  14. Hmm. Compared it to stuff on YT. Samples sound the same. Don't know enough to say more than that.
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