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  1. Not all VSTs can be automated. Look at top-right corner of VST GUI - The R and W are for Read and Write automation. This one can be automated. This one can't. Also, sometimes you need to make the VST write some automation before it becomes available in the list.
  2. Check for Volume changes in the automation lane. Have a look at the Events List.
  3. Output routing on the TTS-1? Any other synth work? Insert the SI Bass Guitar. Open the GUI and click on the strings. You should hear the notes sounding. If not, screenshot of Preferences -> Audio -> Devices.
  4. That making a sound on release sounds weird to me. There is another method, but a bit of a schlepp. In Kontakt, select the instrument you want to modify. Click on the spanner to left of the instrument GUI. Just below the GUI is a button Mapping Editor. Click on it. You get a visual method of adjusting the minimum and maximum response velocity for each note in the instruments playable range. Just above the display, under the button List View, is K. Range. This is keyboard range. If you hover the mouse over the righthand note name there is an updown control. Use this to extend the selected notes on the display. They go from cyan to yellow. Use the mouse to drag the bottom and top edges up and down. The velocity values are shown next to the keyboard range. This will work for any instrument in Kontakt.
  5. Kontakt 6. Many synths in the Kontakt instance. Each with a MIDI and an instrument track. If I solo a MIDI track, all the instrument tracks solo. If I solo an instrument track all the MIDI tracks solo. This is very inconvenient.
  6. So not the plugins if it still crashes without any reference to them. Sounds like you need to reinstall Cakewalk. Just to be safe, make a backup of your projects.
  7. In the track pane: Options -> Stop at Project End Options -> On Stop, Rewind to Now Marker If playback still doesn't stop where you expect, have a look in the Events for each track and see if there is maybe stray data. Views -> Event List.
  8. 😄 Try the SI Drums map and see how close it is. If only slightly different, save under new name and make the changes. There are tutorials in the Tutorial section.
  9. Hi Please don't cross post - all that happens is that you get half answers in 2 different places.
  10. Affects all my projects. Worked fine before clean reinstall. Busses in Console feed to Master. Master outputs to Realtek High Definition Audio. Can see meter movement in busses. Master bus, nothing. (Automation works.) Select Realtek High Definition Audio as output for a bus - get audio output. Insert a stereo bus, route other busses to it - get audio output. Rout back to Master - zilch. Try a reinstall? Just realised, could be early access install that did it.
  11. Nigel Mackay

    Crashing cannot record

    Tell us what you have done. The focusrite is an interface - is anything plugged into it? Depending on what is plugged in, have you inserted a MIDI track, an instrument track, an audio track? Which headphones - plugged into the midi controller, musical instrument, focusrite, PC's headphone output. There are a number of scenarios for writing/creating/recording: 1) Microphone plugged into Focusrite, Focusrite plugged into PC, audio track inserted into track pane in Cakewalk. Now you can record singing, acoustic, instrument, the dog barking, etc. 2) MIDI controller (keyboard, drum pad, etc) plugged into Focusrite, Focusrite plugged into PC, instrument track inserted into track pane in Cakewalk, routed to a soft synth. 3) Electric piano audio output plugged into Focusrite, Focusrite plugged into PC, audio track inserted into track pane in Cakewalk. 4) MIDI controller (keyboard, drum pad, etc) plugged into Focusrite, Focusrite plugged into PC, MIDI track inserted into track pane in Cakewalk, routed to a soft synth, instrument-audio track inserted into track pane in Cakewalk, the output of the soft synth routed to it. Start going through these to get an idea of what needs to be done to get started.
  12. Nigel Mackay


    @User 905133 Thanks @kyrillos Spitfire LABS (free), has some interesting sounds, and much the same interface as BBC Orchestra, so you will be able to do the same thing with those sounds. Future projects.
  13. Nigel Mackay


  14. Nigel Mackay


    Don't have it, so can't experiment for you. Open the interface for the track 2 synth: In Track 2 click on the little picture of a keyboard to the left of the track name. Between the 2 and "BBC Symphony". In the top bar of the interface is CPU DISK MEM ... TUNE. Tune has a knob next to it. Start play, then click on theTune knob and see how it can be adjusted, what values it displays (if any) and see if you can detune it to the note you want. Unfortunately I have no idea if it does fine tuning, or semi-tone steps, or what. Just give it a go.
  15. Nigel Mackay


    Looks correct for zoomed out. 👍 Are you using the free version of BBC Orchestra? The one called Discover?
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