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  1. Try re-installing. Could be a glitch.
  2. It says "Cannot open registry. {C25C3D7B-....... Have tried downloading it again. Rebooted after copying to correct folder. Using the 64-bit version on a 64-bit system.
  3. This is only for arpeggios in Guitar Mode. Just makes things a wee bit easier. Strum GS-2 Guitar Mode Arpeggios.map
  4. Busy with this. Assigning keypresses for the Guitar and Loop modes is easy. All the other controls can be assigned to CCs. But there are a lot of controls. I can do Tremelo On/Off and Depth. Does anybody REALLY need anything else done? 😀 Of course, this depends on AAS helping me find the saved Default MIDI Map. [Edit] Not shareable. I will do a drum map just for arpeggios in Guitar Mode.
  5. Hi all. I have done all the one's I have. Grouped neatly per kit piece. Aliases removed. Checked. But it would be nice if people rechecked them. EZD2 Modern (No alias).map EZD2 Vintage (No alias).map EZD3 Bright Room.map EZD3 Main Room.map EZD3 Tight Room.map EZX Traditional Country (No alias).map EZX Vintage Rock (No alias).map
  6. If you did you would know the answer. Even if you only have Kontakt Player you would know. 😀
  7. Have you had a look at this tutorial? I know nothing, I just remembered this is in the tutorials section. 😀
  8. Also, have a look in the Tutorials section for Recording Audio.
  9. Did you let it install to the default folders?
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