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  1. Using the Early Release version and Cakewalk exits while loading MPC Beats. There seems to be a bit of a problem with it.
  2. And a big thumbs up if that happens. Cakewalk does get treated a bit shoddily sometimes. Undeservedly. And it will happen that if someone asks about choosing which product to buy the would get the advice "Buy the BabylonWaves one, they have Cakewalk articulation maps."
  3. 1) Please provide a link to the Creative Sauce video so we can begin to guess what you possibly did wrong. Together with that, maybe you don't have any sound coming from Cakewalk. Is the track actually blank (ie no midi info in the track) or do you just not hear anything? A screenshot of your trackpane after trying to record will help. (A picture speaks a thousand words.) 2) A screenshot please.
  4. @Wookiee It is off, but that makes no difference to the adjustments. It just has that weird notch. 🤔
  5. Question was asked and answered on Page 3 of this topic. 😀
  6. You can't do: Articulation Maps -> A -> B -> xx.artmap Articulation Maps -> A -> C -> yy.artmap Articulation Maps -> A -> D -> zz.artmap There MUST be an Articulation Maps -> A -> ???.artmap, otherwise B, C and D are ignored. Sub-folders need a dummy.artmap to survive. But we are getting there.
  7. The whole problem is with converting expression maps to articulation maps and with restarting and renaming and restarting. It seems you need to convert everything, then arrange folders, then start Cakewalk. Not complaining, just saying. I can now do Spitfire BBC Orchestra in a top-level folder with sub-folders Brass, Strings, etc. Nut had to work towards that.
  8. It looks like a notch at roughly 12kHz. Shouldn't be there. Take the notch away and it as it should be. What version is this? Perhaps update to the latest.
  9. @Maestro Not a feasible workaround in this case.
  10. With the Spitfire BBC Orchestra I extracted the sub-folders and called them Spitfire BBC Orchestra Brass, Spitfire BBC Orchestra Strings, etc. A bit of work if nested more than one layer. 😟
  11. You have to find the drum map somewhere. Then you place it in your templates folder. (Edit -> Preferences -> File -> Folder Locations will tell you where that is.) Then restart Cakewalk. You're in luck, Google found the instructions here.
  12. @Jean-Philippe ROGER Looks like your installation only half worked. It knows about articulation maps, but the dialog doesn't. The entry should be at the bottom, below Arranger. Try re-installing.
  13. Have you got any FX on the track? Are you using a guitar amp simulator VST? Are your recording levels OK? Perhaps a screenshot of your track pane. There is so much that can go wrong, you really need to supply more information. 😀
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