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  1. Nigel Mackay

    No Sound

    Got to Edit -> Preferences-> Audio -> Playback and Recording. If Driver Mode is WASAPI Exclusive it means Cakewalk reserves the PCs audio system for itself. Change it to WASPI Shared.
  2. Drag the Controller pane at the bottom of the PRV open like this: If the controller you want is not shown, then click on the + to add add it. Here, only Velocity is available. Select Draw from the Tools (F9) and click and drag. Snapping is available/optional:
  3. Did you run Bandlab Assistant as Admin?
  4. Right-click the power button on the amp itself in the TH3 GUI. That can be assigned/learned. You can't manipulate the FX rack in a track, only the effects IN the rack.
  5. Have a look at this about installing VSTs. Here is a list of beginner tutorials. Play around with Cakewalk's built in instruments (SI drums, piano, strings, bass) to get an idea before you look for VSTs to download and install. That being said, this is a list of free effects and this is a list of free instruments. Good luck.
  6. It is designed to do the speaker layout for 5.1 systems. Maybe do two mixes, 5.1 and stereo. Have a look at this.
  7. Nigel Mackay

    Arranger Bug

    Have a look at this to make sure you are not doing something wrong. Nobody else seems to have the problem.
  8. You must select the scale, and then Snap Settings, before you enable Snap to Scale, otherwise it doesn't work.
  9. If you open the midi file by double-clicking in File Explorer, then Cakewalk will create a track per midi channel, add a TTS-1 and do all the midi channel routing and patch changes for you. If you want to use other VSTs instead of TTS-1 you must load them into the synth rack. Select the correct midi track for that instrument and open the Inspector view. You will see this: Right at the bottom, just above 2, and MIDI, click on Output and select the instrument you have just added.
  10. It uses the key of the piece as a reference, so make sure you set that before running the CAL script.
  11. Have you had a look in Utilities -> Plugin Manager? That way you see all. Or maybe they are excluded?
  12. If you are using WASAPI Exclusive, switch to WASAPI Shared.
  13. Different piece of music, but similar problem. Project has 17 instruments, 8 of which are Kontakt. Only midi in the project. When I bounce to audio the resulting audio lags behind real time. The lag varies over the length of the piece. No two tracks have the same lag - they go in and out of sync while playing. No FX on any channel. Split project up into 3 sub-projects, paring the instruments down. Bounced audio is 100% ok. I have Realtek on my motherboard. Normally use WASAPI shared, but tried WASAPI exclusive. Doesn't help. Tried archiving all midi and instruments except the one being bounced, doesn't help. i3 at 3GHz. While bouncing using 50% of CPU, 7.3GB out of 20GB RAM. Idle CPU is 12%. In a 4m18s piece the end lag is a 1/16th note at 120bpm. Driver/audio settings as above.
  14. All I could find on YouTube is that some DAWs have an Invert button. Ableton for one.
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