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  1. I am guessing there is more than one way to accomplish what I was trying to do but this is what finally worked for me.. Here are my notes - The Loop Construction Tool – Only is available in Recording and Advanced workspace . Won't open in Basic. The Loop Construction tool is independent from the regular Cakewalk transport operations. Here is the procedure I used for my first successful Groove Loop. Created the 4 track loop. Exported the loop. Imported the loop to a new track *Selected the new track – I had tried going to Views - drop down and selected Loop Construction to open the Loop Construction Tool, but this works best for me Select the Clip and hit alt+7 (this opens the Loop Construction Tool) The Loop button turns looping on and off, and the remaining options all relate to editing the loop. When Looping is turned off, the clip displayed in the Loop Construction Tool can be Slip edited for trimming , i tweaked it a bit. After trimming, a shaded area shows the part of the clip that will be edited when looping is turn on. And, the remaining editing options can be also preformed. When editing, Cakewalk warns if data will be discarded. If you change the number if Beats, the tempo will be changed, this came into play below. There is a View Zoom Tool in the bottom right hand corner that adjusts horizontal zoom. The audio scale can be changed by Clip Dragging on the scale at the left. Once I was done editing, I closed the Loop Construction Tool to return to the Track view where the loop can be rolled out as required. The Loop Construction Tool can be reopened for further editing by double clicking. - Didn’t work, I used Alt 7 instead. Note - I left Loop enabled and closed the tool. I could then now roll the loop track out but the playback speed became way too slow. I had to turn Loop Construction back on and left Loop button on, I played with the number of Beats and was able to adjust the tempo in the extended loop to correct the slow down that had occured. Closed the Loop Construction Tool and I have my 4 minute drum loop to track my guitar and vocals to. When my guitar and vocals are completed, I will then record a full drum part. When that's done I will bring my collaborators in to create whatever parts they feel would enhance the tune. Thanks everyone for you suggestions. I did a lot of research and testing on this simple thing but I think I now have a handle on it for future projects. Since I am a drummer, I prefer creating a part with the correct feel to it for the tune I am writing. A standard metronome just doesn't project a "Feel" to the tune.
  2. I'll take a look and see. Thanks for the reply
  3. I created a new topic and submitted it but I can't find where it posted?
  4. Any ideas out there on this problem? I want to record along with a 4 bar drum beat that I have played. The drum loop is composed of 4 tracks and works great. I have Exported the looped tracks and then imported the file into a single track. The drum loop works fine there too. Now, I want to make this loop repeat over and over so I can record to it as opposed to using a metronome. I highlight the loop track, open the Loop Construction tool and click on the Loop button to enable looping. The Loop Construction tool remains open, and I can now stretch out the loop track to make it keep repeating. Here's where the problem happens. I can't get the stretched track to play. And, I don't know how to get rid of the Loop Construction tool and close it. If I go to Groove Clip and turn off looping in the drop down, the stretched track area that I created using the Loop Tool disappears.. Any any advice is appreciated.
  5. I record a 4 bar drum part. I create a solid loop using these tracks. I export the tracks. I import the newly exported file to it's own track and - I have a working loop in the new track. When I open the Loop Construction tool and click turn Looping, I am able to drag out my loop to where I want it. I see the wave of my loop extended out in that track. Now here's the problem, I can't get new extended version to play. If I turn off Looping in the Loop Construction tool or in the Groove Clip drop downs , the new repetitions on my new track disappear. I have found no way to get the new, extended drum track to play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. My ART Pro II preamp output signal is too low unless I use the preamps in my Focusrite 18i20 as well. Is this pretty common? The signal is fine in Cakewalk if I use the 18i20 preamps as well. I have been trying keep the 18i20 preamps set as low as possible thinking that would keep coloring of the signal by the 18i20 as low as possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Here's what I am using. I have the NanoKontrol Studio controlling my CbB DAW in the Generic Control Surface mode. I may try something else in the future but right now, I am not aware that I am missing any needed capabilities. Since my Focusrite 18i20 interface provides 8 inputs, I must reset and use those 8 inputs for all CbB tracks. So - on the Nano, I have set up 3 scenes at this time. Scene 1 controls Cakewalk tracks 1-8. Scene 2 controls tracks 9-16 and scene 3 deals with 17-24. I will set up scene 4 to control tracks 25-32 at a later time but for now, 24 tracks is plenty for me. I am not using any synthy stuff at all as I only record drums, guitars, keyboard, vocals etc. I am not a synth guy at this point. This forum has been a great help for me as I am a newbie to much of this. I had been using a Roland 2480 as my stand alone board for years and I finally decided to make a change. I would record at my studio. And then take the .wav files to my friends studio for final mixing and mastering there. He uses Cubase, Audition and Cakewalk.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. I will study these links.
  9. You are exactly right! And, thank you so much! 😎 That's all I needed to do and I am up and working. Had to do some playing around with some other settings but I can now use the NanoKontrol Studio from anywhere in my studio via Bluetooth. A great improvement over trying to record from the drums on the other side of the room and looking at the computer monitor while using a mouse. Okay, now that I found someone who knows what Cakewalk can do and, how to do it, I'd like to ask you another question if I can. I have seen discussions of using the Mackie Settings in Cakewalk. Is there anything that can be gained over programming the Generic Surface? There are some features on the Nano that can't be programmed due to the limits of the Generic settings I know. And, since I often record more than 8 tracks, is there a way to do a bank shift so that the Nano tracks 1-8, now become 9-16 etc? I see that the Generic surface has a limit of 32 tracks. Again, many thanks
  10. Thanks for the advice, I will give it a try today.
  11. I am new to NanoKontrol Studio and to Cakewalk, and as of yet, I haven't been able to get the NanoKontrol Studio to work in the Bluetooth mode. I am guessing I have something set wrong? The only l way I could get the NanoKontrol working was to set it up using USB and Cakewalk Generic Surface. I had to program the Fader, buttons etc. I was not able to get any functions working other than the basics - record, mute, pan arm etc. I have to get the NanoKontrol working in Bluetooth so I can record more easily while I play drums and I mainly bought the Nano because of Bluetooth capability. Currently, the NanoKontrol Studio shows up in my Windows 10 Bluetooth Devices as Paired but not connected. And, I can't get it to connect or do anything in Cakewalk by Bandlads.. Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated.
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