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  1. Here's an update to your suggestions: - Loop construction view not appearing: I had an personalised workspace called Arranging. I switched Workspace > None and lo and behold, my Loop construction appeared again! I looked into Manage workspace... option and indeed the view for Loop construction was turned off (see attachment) - MIDI rerouting: when I split the instrument track I was able to see that the MIDI out was going to the wrong instrument and I was able to reroute it to the correct instrument. Obviously a bug and good to hear that the issue will be addressed in the upcoming update Thanks again all of you for helping me out! I now have to figure out for myself how to use Cakewalk as not being a regular user coping with new functionalities and new bugs with every update. One option is to stop updating and get to know the version that I have, other option is to selectively update e.g. once a year. Also, I am testing Tracktions Waveform for composing and arranging, which keeps the interface pretty basic.
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies and support, really appreciate it. Regarding the issues: Loop construction view: I have the multidock opened on my laptopscreen (with marker and console tabs) and the main screen (track view) on my monitor. I will look into the option that the choice of Workspace view may prevent the Loop construction view not to open. As far as I remember, I have never seen loop construction view appear in the Views menu when a clip is selected but will check that too. Dimension Pro: I'm not using MIDI clips or data from CbB. SONAR came with the Garriton Pocket Orchestra sample set and I used three samples of the same instrument with different articulations in Dimension Pro. Elsewhere on this forum other people are having trouble with Dimension Pro as well. It hasn't been updated since 2016 so I'll stop using it. I found another orchestral sampler. Spontaneous rerouting of MIDI: it maybe hardware related as I used another midi controller. I couldn't find the MIDI routing in the track apart from the main I/O options but I'll look again. @mettelus: Thanks for the suggestion to "freeze" a version of Cakewalk so that you know the bugs and their workarounds. Perhaps I'll use an older laptop for this and disable the network so it won't update. I will keep using Cakewalk for recording and mixing but I'm looking for another DAW for quick ideas and composition. There is an extensive comparison of DAWs here: https://www.admiralbumblebee.com/DAW-Chart.html. It seems that Prosonus' Studio One and Tracktion's Waveform are worth testing for ease of use and good, intuitive workflow. I'll keep you posted on the results of the issues above later this weekend.
  3. As no one answered this question, I'll start a conversation with myself. I am a user of Cakewalk for 20 years (estimate). Lately, through the year I use it to record my band and mix the results, usually with little issues. Every summer and Christmas vacation I finally have time to compose a few tracks in Sonar/Cakewalk by Bandlab. However, every time I find myself dealing with software issues which totally ruin my flow. The last week I wanted to try composing some orchestral stuff. I did (and encountered) the following: For a rythmic pulse I found a nice percussive loop sample but wanted to mute a few hits > loop construction view did not open (see my question in previous post) For orchestral instruments I used the Garritan samples for Dimension Pro: Dimension Pro produces no sound or freezes the project when other instruments are added Last few days I am away from home but have brought my laptop and attached Korg nanoKEY for keys and Korg nanoKontrol2 for mixer. Playing NanoKEY when an instrument track is highlighted produces sound with an instrument a few tracks further down. Opening the instrument view in the track, opens up the instrument a few tracks down: WTF!? Conclusion: I need a DAW that is reliable, intuitive (easy to use) and keeps me in the flow. So after investing some twenty years in Cakewalk products in time and money I have decided to say goodbye. Question: any suggestions on alernative DAWs? I'm currently testing Bitwig, Ableton live and FL Studio
  4. I want to edit the groove clip: silence a few parts of the loop. When I double-click a looped audio clip, I first got the side panel with the groove clip properties. I then changed the double click behavior in Options to open the loop construction view. However, now double clicking does nothing. I closed and restarted the application but this didn't help. Double clicking another audio clip doesn't do anything, so it's not the speciifc audioclip. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
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