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  1. Bandlab Cakewalk - Part 2: Initial Setup https://youtu.be/w76Gbz1cn6g
  2. Bandlab Cakewalk - Part 1: Bandlab Assistant
  3. I have created and in the process of creating quick and dirty tutorials for new users on using Bandlab and Cakewalk from installation of Bandlab Assistant and Cakewalk, initial audio and midi setup, audio recording, midi recording, exporting music and tracks from Cakewalk, importing music and tracks into Bandlab Assistant and more. The purpose is to go over the most important points needed to get up to speed to create music and share it on Bandlab. This is the first Youtube video which has links to the other tutorials in its description: Bandlab Cakewalk - Part 1: Bandlab Assistant
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