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  1. Thanks Jim! I did not know about that link at the top, and that there is such a thorough instruction manual for Cakewalk available. I have so far been relying upon the many videos on Youtube. Especially kind of you to write to me on Christmas Day! Although I used a very old version of Cakewalk many years ago, there is now so much more to learn about with this new version. I seem to remember the old version could also create a normal music stave display that was printable. Does the current Bandlab version also do this? John N
  2. I have a Motu 24Ao. This is because the PC is mainly used as a Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ. It has lots of speakers. Drivers all work for Hauptwerk and normal PC use - like for Youtube, running in Linux or in Windows 10 . But since I wrote on this help board I seem to have fixed the problem. Can I remember what I did? I think it was in Edit, preferences, driver mode I change to MME (32 BIT). Suddenly it worked. What I find very difficult is the techno abbreviations people use. For me a computer is a tool to do things with, rather than a toy to play computers at. I still don't know what people mean by 'a door'. I wish there was a gazetteer of abbreviations somewhere, with a short description of what things do. Like 'COMPRESSOR = takes away from the too loud moments and adds to the soft bits.' JN
  3. I have just downloaded and installed the new Cakewalk by Bandlab - very excited! I used the old Cakewalk many years ago to write music for pipe organ. But I am having a problem. No sound comes from Cakewalk so I can't hear anything. I can see the signal line go fuzzy when I record but nothing happens when I try to playback. Youtube and Audacity work fine, so it is not a fault with speakers or sound card. Can anyone explain what is wrong?
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