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  1. Thanks Robert … issue solved …
  2. I've downloaded a plug-in by Bitsonic called Keystone Classic. I can find the plug-in within the program files. I can't seem to find the correct steps to add it to Cakewalk. I've been the plug-in manager but that's where I'm stumped. Any suggestions on how to get this plug-in installed in Cakewalk? TIA.
  3. Thanks everyone for your assistance. Yes, I had to re-authorize addictive drums at the XLN site.
  4. After the latest windows update (yesterday) I get this notice when opening Cakewalk … "Wrong Comuter ID. Possible problem with authorizantion. Please make sure that your host is not run in compability mode. If this is not the case run the XLN Online installer to authorize and likewise check that it is not run in compability mode. " What is compability mode and how can I correct this? Cakewalk wouldn't open Addictive Drums 2 as an example.
  5. Unplugged the interface and rebooted.... It's now ok. Just weird …. thanks again synkrotron …. I'm relieved now … lol …
  6. I have rebooted the computer. No change … now in the Audio Devices (in preferences) is not showing the Roland UA-25Ex which I've been using all along. Should I re-install the driver for the UA-25Ex? That seems like an option.
  7. Cakewalk froze so I used task manager to stop program. When I started cakewalk up again I get this notice … There are no audio devices for current driver model on system. go to edit/preferences/audio/playback&recording/ and choose a different driver model. I've been using ASIO all along and it's set at that. I can't get any audio sound. Also there's a window coming up that says … The following tracks and buses are currently assigned to a silent hardware output. The items listed below will be silent until their outputs are reassigned to appropriate hardware outputs … (and in the box is Master) How do I change that?
  8. Problem solved … nevermind … lol
  9. Where am I able to download Bandlab assistant. I can only find an option to download the whole cakewalk program. Do I have to do that in order to get the latest Bandlab assistant upgrade?
  10. Can someone explain why I suddenly can't save projects? I can't save in Demo Mode. Not sure how I got to demo mode. Possibly I need to upgrade to the latest Bandlab assistant?
  11. thanks to everyone in the forum for helping out … much appreciated
  12. When you say track inspector, what do you mean by that? And where is that? the track inspector is not the event list?
  13. I followed your steps synkrotron and was able to change and save the patch in the event list view. Thanks to you and everyone for helping out. Another reason to come back to the forums …. Again thanks
  14. Snykrotron. I followed your steps regarding the event list and was able to change the patch. There was also an option to change the volume overall. Thank you for solving this problem and to the others for their help as well. Much appreciated.
  15. thanks synkrotron … thanks for the suggestion about the event list … I'm just not sure what to be looking for. As I look at the event list I see info regarding the track, such as trk, channel, kind, patch … but how to I change to another sound?
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