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  1. I see. But it's no longer in the ALL category, it's only in Custom and FX now. Thanks! Also you know the Workspace option in the upper right hand corner, -- is there a way to save Workspace settings outside the program? Because every time I update this program all my Workspace settings are reset to default.
  2. Insert FX disappeared? I can't find it. There used to be an Insert FX on the main page Tracks to add effects when auditioning, where did it go, and how do you now add insert effects on the main page? Thanks
  3. Thanks Terry! Yeah I finally found out the way you described here from finding the Youtube video describing that exact process. The visual illustration allowed me to understand what was being said here. I now see how that process works. I think my MPC X loads midi files, and may allow the user to save as a type 1 midi file. If it does that, I may have another way to convert the files. Thanks for all your help! Hey Thanks for all your help and the link and file! And I also found a youtube tutorial on that exact process. It divides notes into tracks, thanks again! If there are more than sixteen tracks in a midi file, but would it still divide the extra tracks in the sixteen, or leave off some midi track data since midi files only hold sixteen tracks of data I wonder?
  4. Kurre, I'm looking for a conversion program online, probably the only way to fix this may be to buy a midi 0 to midi 1 converter program somewhere.
  5. Clicking "Run Cal" after selecting the midi track only brings up the OPEN browser from the Local C disk, Cal scripts folder. I see midi files when i do that.
  6. So far that way isn't working on Cakewalk, I'm still trying, there gotta be a way to do this in Cakewalk
  7. I think you are right about the Midi types. So the thing now is to find out how to export it from a type 0 to a type 1 to separate the midi tracks. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Hey thanks! Yeah your file opened all the tracks, maybe you have a different Midi file type. I trying to find out how to tell the difference. Hey thanks Kurre, if possible can you screenshot the open media tab I can't figure out how to do this that you've mentioned thanks! If not I'm still looking and thanks!
  9. Using OPEN still only opens/load one Midi track and not the multiple.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure they're multi-track, as I can see the multi track midi data within the one midi track that loads. You have a multi track midi file to try? Thanks
  11. Anyone know why only one track is created when I import a multi-track midi file? I thought Cakewalk automatically created the additional Midi tracks when loading multi track midi files? Am I doing something wrong? I tried several midi files and the same results Thanks for any help
  12. Where exactly is the "Paste dialog box" you enter the bar numbers into ?
  13. I'm gonna try that! I never used to properties option before but if i get the hang of this i'm on to a new future! lol
  14. Hey thanks for all these links, I'm gonna go through them to gets some info on the snapping process. Appreciate it!
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