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  1. This is most often caused by some VST recently installed that conflicts with Cakewalk DAW. There are two ways I usually fixed that problem. 1. Uninstall the last few VST installed which is the conflicting Cakewalk program. 2. Uninstall Cakewalk program and reinstall the program sometimes untangle the conflicting VST or drivers. In either one of these procedures fixed my almost done hangup 100% of the time. If the program was working, and then stop loading correctly, means a VST program is conflicting. Sometimes you have to uninstall two, three five programs to get to the root cause.
  2. Finally problem solved. So what happen was I installed a new VST that distributed it's own Microsoft runtime libraries into my computer, and i installed this program in both desktop and laptop so i got the exact same corruption on both computers. I let this vst program install it's own Microsoft runtime libraries. And that corrupted my WIn11 OS in both my computers, or either the newly corrupted Cakewalk template from the vst i copied to the laptop may have did it. Either way the corruption carried over to both PCs. Neither would load Cakewalk program template anymore. So I thought since the corruption happened on both computers only using Cakewalk software it must be related to possibly the beta builds. I copied the original OS SSD to another SSD when I tried to reinstall a fresh copy of Cakewalk and still got the same problems so i thought it was related to a build. I found the only thing that worked was a [reset my pc] option in Win11 that added all the missing Microsoft redistributables files that the EXE program couldn't, probably because the corruption was deeply embedded in the OS. and even copying a new OS installed on another SSD couldn't fix. I needed to start from a new OS from scratch. Once i did that the program started back working again. Thanks to everybody who helped with advice here, i tried everything from all of the advice to what I finally discovered in the [reset my pc] option..
  3. When I try to load a Pro-Channel module on a new install I get [ VST Plug-In Error ] The Following Plug-In failed to load: message. What is causing this Pro-Channel error? This error message just started happening and even from a fresh install I still get the VST Plug-In failed error message and won't load a pro-Channel module. Looks like there is some Pro-Channel corruption somewhere. Or maybe the Pro-Channel files aren't being loaded, but a fresh install is rendering the exact same pro-channel error results. I Don't know if my OS has been corrupted or what the problem could be here. Anyone ever experienced this problem before? Corruption could've came in from using a Cakewalk template from another computer, I don't know. But reloading a fresh version of the Cakewalk program seems to get this same corruption error message. Thanks
  4. I installed the last regular version. I think my Cakewalk installation process may be corrupted from loading and unloading some VSTs maybe and possibly corrupted my Cakewalk Pro channel, or maybe the Pro Channel is corrupted so I'm trying to start from scratch with fresh builds and adding pro channels modules to see which one corrupts the Pro Channel rack.
  5. Some I really like and been using for a long time. I think I might be able to pinpoint exactly what's the problem after rebuilding new templates from scratch to identify which pro channel or what may be doing the corruption. I'm getting VST Plug-In failed to load message when trying to load a Pro Channel altogether now. It won't load at all.
  6. Yes, when I load some pro channel modules in multiple channels they default to On position. Like if i load reverb across a few channels and default them all to the off position, and leave the track and then come back one of them the Reverb is back on again. So I'm gonna try cutting off Write Automation to see if that help. But i already sorta fixed it a little bit by building a new template and not adding anything extra and it's not cutting on any extra Pro Channel modules yet. If I try to add some Pro Channel modules it may start to doing that again so I'm adding pro Channel modules and saving each build to pin point what Pro Channel module is doing the error. Now I'm getting VST Plugin-In Error VST Plugin-In failed to load. That may have something to do with the Pro Channel corruption. Thanks for all you help and I'm trying to add more channels until I get the bug to identify where it's coming from.
  7. I give up on this Cakewalk Bandlab, it's shot. It's like Cakewalk with a broken arm, or Cakewalk without a professional Pro Channel because many are defective. I just hope this bug doesn't carry over to their new version since they may never know this issue exist.
  8. Yeah, I did install the early release version and I did revert back to the old release and I 'm getting the same thing of automatic switching on for some of the pro channel modules. This issue could've been introduced a while back in a previous release, but I never went through all my track pro channels like I did recently when setting up a new template to notice many of them default back to the ON position after switching them off and exiting the track.
  9. Sure I'll try it, but what do you think that do? And will it save all my workspace settings for when I reload the program? just asking Thanks
  10. There is a bug in the Pro Channel modules that I'm experiencing. When you cutoff one of the pro channel modules in a track, and then leave that track and come back to it the Pro Channel that you switched off is now back on. I tried everything like re-loading the particular Pro Channel modules in the particular tracks affected, and reloaded the whole program and it still does the same exact thing. Not all tracks or Pro Channel modules do this, just some. I have to check every track's pro channels all day to see if any modules have switched itself back on in the modules that may be affecting my sound every time I leave a particular track. Have anyone else experienced this? Update: Doing a [reset my pc] in Win11 restored all the corrupted or missing Microsoft runtime libraries files as written in the other thread. Replacing an OS from another SSD still left the computer with corrupted files. So the rest my pc finally worked.
  11. That's the reason I stopped buying Waves myself. The security battle over potential piracy turned my off. If their products were just serial number installs, I probably would've bought their whole collection. I don't buy software no more unless it has a crack for it first, that eliminates the reoccurring registering problem every so many months.
  12. Hey thanks! I really appreciate all that you do to make sure everybody get a fair deal and not experience buyers remorse! As I try to make everyone feel they're getting the best possible rate. Many say that I'm usually as persuasive as a used car salesman though, trying to sell the last vehicle on the lot before taking a lunch. Since you're always a good sport, you get can 50% off! Use Code: "IGET50NOT60"
  13. Oh, wow! That was a wild roller-coaster! I cutoff other equipment and it worked! No more Cakewalk brain freeze!
  14. I tried selecting the Akai MPK249 MIDI Controller in the MIDI Devices Inputs and Outputs page in Preferences and I got this message MIDI Device Failure "The following Midi Port(s) could not be enabled" "The ports will remain unchecked in MIDI Device preferences" "There is not enough memory available" Indicating that the memory is Full, I never got this message before, especially for a MIDI controller. Anybody know what this message means ? Thanks
  15. Yes, the scan in Sandbox option is checked. Should I leave it checked to help with scanning? It seems the Cakewalk is missing that important bypass corrupted/proprietary dll file option when scanning. And No way the whole scanning process should have to break down from a bad dll file being scanned. I thought they already had this bypass option built into it. Luckily this was an FL Studio dll issue that someone created a dll fix for. But there may come other programs with similar issues where a fix is not provided rendering a whole expensive program useless in Cakewalk because of no option to bypass like is in all my other DAW programs. In my MPC software, when a bad file is encountered, it just makes notice that a certain file is corrupted or incompatible and then it just keeps on scanning until finished. In Cakewalk, when encountering an incompatible dll file, it just stops scanning and shuts down the whole scanning process until the whole program has to be removed to continue the scanning process which is sorta 1980s.
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