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  1. Ok, I see. got it! Thank you Bro! really Appreciate it!
  2. I only see the one way to delete, by holding mouse button and hitting delete. No no other way is working.
  3. What do you mean "view-markers select-delete" I don't see an option to delete Markers ? I agree. i don't know why the delete option is not where the Add marker option is in plain view of a delete option.
  4. Thanks to you guys. Appreciate the help and steps to delete markers.
  5. How do you delete Markers? The instructions on the old Cakewalk page I guess are obsolete. Why is isn't there just a simple "delete" marker one press button option like the one press Add Marker button? Why is there a major instruction set just to delete a simple often used and unwanted Marker? Can a Delete Marker option be added onto the Marker module at top instead of being buried somewhere in an instruction book?
  6. The reason you see only odd numbers is because they are stereo tracks and the other right side of the stereo track is already included in Cakewalk audio driver selection. If you want Mono track selections then you select the left or right mono channel on the Mix view when selecting your input for a Track on the record or Track view page. All driver selections in preferences are only gonna list stereo channel selections to save you time and trouble.
  7. Thanks, I actually found the Workspace tab at top of Tracks actually changes it back to FX only, I think it was set to ALL and that allowed the Clips and other tabs to also appear on the Track space. Changed it back to FX and only the FX tab shows up on all the Tracks now.
  8. I solved the problem. You just drag the Track section further to the right. I somehow dragged it left and cut off the FX insert part.
  9. My Tracks have changed to Clips where Insert Effects used to be, don't how it changed but how do I get it back to Effects so I can add them? Thanks
  10. Hey thanks all you guys. Yep, the easiest method was to hold Alt then select a Bus and drag it to the slot you want, and it's done! I really appreciate this!
  11. If you have a Track or BUS and you want to move it to another number in the order. Like I have a BUS B but I want to Move it into the BUS D slot, is this possible? I know you can delete the Bus and then insert a new Bus, but the new insert Bus will be still out of order. I don't want to have to redo the whole 4 to 5 Busses to rearrange them. Thanks
  12. I saved about 3 effects in the FX Chain in about 8 separate tracks as a Template. When I start up Cakewalk the program has to load each and every Effect individually for each track, total 24! So, imagine sitting there while 24 Izotope plugins has to load before the program can start up? Is this a bug or is this how the program works? I thought the program would still load up instantly regardless of if any Effects are stored in the FX Chain. At least there should have been a standby mode that retains Effect memory but not necessarily loads the whole program if you don't use it. Having to wait until 20-30 effects load one by one is sorta confusing not knowing if the program actually has a loading problem until the whole long process is over. Can this be fixed? Can FX Chain Effects be made to NOT automatically load while powering up? Sorta load only when used?
  13. Hey Thanks! That worked! You're the greatest !
  14. I can't get Cakewalk to save the MODULE settings when I save the Cakewalk Template. When I use the "save as" function it still loads the old MODULE order even as a new Template, anybody else experienced this ?
  15. In the MPC X you can send Midi signal through one of the outputs. But I don't know how to get that Midi signal to Cakewalk. I'm gonna see if a Midi to USB converter can do the trick. Thanks for the info
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