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  1. Thank you for all the help guys. Yeah, the changing the start time in properties box seems the fastest for me. Appreciate it
  2. Thanks! I got it What do you mean Clips pane? I couldn't figure it out. Mine is on the track and console view.
  3. Yeah, I had accidentally posted in wrong section, thanks
  4. Often when I'm not at the start of the track and I load a wav file, it loads where the cursor is often not at the start of the song. Is there a way to snap the loaded wav file back to the start of the song instead of having to drag the track file to the start, which sometimes is a long drag? I remember there was a way to load a track to where it would load at the beginning of the song regardless but I can't remember the option in preferences. I want all loaded wav tracks to load at the start of the song regardless of where the cursor is. Or how to snap it to the start if it's loaded in the middle of a song.
  5. I need to delete this topic , where is the delete option?
  6. Thanks! I got it, I wasn't typing in that WarnSilentBuses message in the Options box. Now I got it. Appreciate it!
  7. My whole Configuration Initialization File box is empty, nothing to select. Don't see WarnSilentBuses in Preferences > File > Initialization File. Nothing's there to change.
  8. I got the saved Location function working now. It just started working after doing a save on everything including the Workspace save at top. Looks like everything is complete for this process. I still wish I could eliminate the "Silent Buss Detected" message that comes up at beginning of the template loading process though. It slows down the load Template process for something I already know. Thanks again!
  9. The reason I have the Master Buss set to none, is because i have two sets of monitors, and I control them separately. And this way allows me to record a high signal to the recorder, while monitoring the sound at lower levels controlled by the Monitor level I can play with with in real time even while recording maximum signal levels at the same time. If all was set to Master Buss real time level, I might would want to lower the volume, and it would effect the recording level. I get that message saying Master Buss output is set to none. Is there any way to stop notifications at load up telling me the Master Buss is set to none? I tried notification settings but it doesn't stop that Master Buss/None notification at startup. The current Media Browser Content Location menu selection is not saved on my system when i reload a saved Template. It goes to that saved location, then it reverts to the default non saved location. I'm still trying to figure this out why it's reverting to the default program location.
  10. Hallelujah bro, I got it! The way it worked for me was to create that Preview Bus, route the Output to None, and then route the Preview Bus FX send to the Master Bus and the Preview Output could go no louder than the set Master Bus /Monitor level. And it saves the setting. The only thing now is that it doesn't save the "current location preset" that Disk icon that allows you save your last location link, you we're last left at. When I reloaded the template it went to the saved last location, and then reverted back to the native sample link at the Big Fish Audio location, instead of the location I thought I saved by hitting the disk icon which leads to my Hard Drive folder of sounds. I guess this much will work until i find out why it goes to the saved location and then revert back to the native Big Fish Audio location. But thanks anyway, without you helping me out, I would've gave up and forgot about this feature, now this program is more valuable than ever! Now i have to figure out why it goes to the saved location, then revert back to the native location now. Thanks for all your help!
  11. How would I listen to the preview file live and make volume adjustment without closing the import browser?
  12. I created a Preview Bus and it works as a set volume control. What do you mean The volume of the preview bus may be adjusted while previewing? I wasn't able to do that. If you need to adjust the volume while previewing from the Import file browser, you have to close the browser first. Because it won't allow any level adjustments to a Buss or Track level while the Import browser is up. I didn't see a volume adjustment option on the media page. Are you referring to the drop down browser option media browser?
  13. Thanks for all your help! I tried creating a new Bus, It can work, in a non real time volume level adjustment process. But not being able to save the settings with the program Template kinda sucks. But thanks again! Appreciate all your help.
  14. Ok, I named my device in/outputs the same exact name as the Volume Busses for the Monitor speakers, so it show the Buss name, and the devices in/outs as the same exact name. I did that to make it easier to identify. I guess I would have to change one of the names to distinguish between the two. But it still doesn't save the correct buss, and defaults to a full volume buss I have no control over. How would i create a Preview Bus, just name it Preview and it would control the Preview volume on the Import wav file browser?
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