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  1. Basically it was a useless suggestion offered in useless lip service. lol
  2. Or you could learn to butt in someone else's business with unwanted suggestions?
  3. Hey thanks for the link and the help. Man you are a appreciated resource for this website! That chordz program is great!
  4. Where would I find the Input Echo on the virtual controller? I don't see it in insert Soft Synth Options in Synth Rack to the right nor as an ADD Track option, nor in the Midi track itself.
  5. I can't get that to work. I tried everything. In the soft synth options tab I've changed every option and still can't get it to trigger a chord with that. I must be doing something wrong, and I can't figure it out.
  6. Man it would be so cool if the Virtual Piano Keyboard from the Views Virtual Controller drop down had a Chord Button that does one of many different Chords when you play one Note! I want to be able to play one Note on the Virtual Keyboard and have an option to play one of many different Chords like on Roland FANTOM keyboard and Akai MPC and many other VST and DAW programs. This way would allow me to take advantage of the potential of many different VST programs that don't have Chord assigning ability.
  7. Thanks appreciate it! I knew I had did it somewhere Appreciate it!
  8. How can I hide or remove the Arranger and Tempo tracks? I see a hide function for Arranger but it's grayed out. I have no need for these types of tracks, so I want to increase my track space. Thanks
  9. Hey Thanks! It worked I did that, but some tracks didn't follow the same input selected. Could be due to Track setting that prevents Mic settings. Couple went to something else. I'll see what the issue is, or maybe the track is corrupted and needs to start a whole new track. But Thanks! Appreciate it!
  10. How do you assign one input for a Track across multiple Tracks at once? Say I want to assign a Mic input to one Track, and also want to assign that same Mic input to the next seven tracks in a row, so i don't have to go and do them one by one over and over again, how would I do that? I remember this option but i forgot what it is called and how to do it? Any help is appreciated thanks
  11. How can I record drum notes to a Cakewalk midi timed sequence? Do I use Clips or something else? I want to use Cakewalk as a midi sequencer. Thanks
  12. The razor thin ones are a pain to find with the mouse sometimes. I like the standard ones. If you have Win 10 with that thin bar at bottom right hand corner used for making the screen transparent, then you'll know what I mean.
  13. Taller screen means the problem will be taller. 😄 This DAW needs a scroll bar on the side of the Pro-channel and a way to save Workspaces to a disk so I don't have to rearrange my Workspaces every month from updates.
  14. I do use it. But it still forces me to scroll because using the Page buttons makes me still double check to see if I missed a module using Page up/down. So it's the same problem. There should be a scroll bar on the side to make this easy and fluid when editing using the Pro-Channel effects.
  15. I got 20 Pro-Channel modules and I have to use the mouse scroll wheel for a long long time just to get to the top of the Pro-Channel Effect module chain to find the effect I need to edit. Why isn't there a regular scroll bar on the right side that you can zoom to the top of a page like in regular folders? The Pro-Channel needs a scroll bar on the side of the Pro-Channel modules, to get to those effect modules much faster without having to use this mouse scroll wheel that's very long and tedious when working with a lot of tracks and having to scroll to the top on every track.
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