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  1. I'm learning some of my CAPTURES by listening to them and developing them , things like this link me to the feature request for improved STAFF view [notation and chord box's] that's the only way to learn from the original CAPTURE later on [and by ear] and the lyric line. in fact, thats why I bought Homestudio to re learn STAFF reading to help unravel my own midi recordings ,Jon,,
  2. totally magic idea ,that sets out the chord structure for a song across all tracks.. I am not wanting a music lesson here ,although using this idea of yours might help me resolve many hours of confussion during heated rehearsals,[thats energy heating] when someone simply asks , wot chord u playing,, never answered I spoke up and paused play with ,,just tell me the notes,, then I can work it out,,,this worked for me as I could then work out all related notes by ear and progress to join in, point being still never new the chords. 2nd point being ,I thought, think that normally all notes are played together to make a chord,,,,, are these notes above if together hence a chord ,, and could they add the guitar chord box's. working this way or as in dredded rehearsals [pure work for me keys] to no the chord is a great help, although my other confusious is a collection of notes can have more than one chord name pending the song KEY or SCALE, so the scale is set by the root note,, um wot's the root note,, normally the resolution da-da, anyway Confusious told me personally,,," never listen to a word I say" and once again totally smart clear use of sceen space gets my vote chords is were it's at,,Jon...
  3. if you no about those sort of things ,heres my attempt 5 or 6 years ago to help me understand what I thought I was looking for in hardware. I had saved a £500 pound budget to get a daw and computer 2nd hand .I am a travelor with 100 watt solar needing low power equipment and thats good for street to . My 1st ever cliq on line never turned up an i4 1.49gb 2gb ram 10 inch tablet voyo £350 ,now less than £200 @12 in. I discovered the low,,low low power consumption in tablets ,they are big phones and have totally different processors to laptop or pc. per chance sunk my budget into a i7 surface as I thought ,why would any one pay 1--2 grand , and have no use for it ,,As far I think ,its only the low power consumption thats worth anything . now looking for the daw my fav. choices are still zoom r16 or 24 and now the L24,and the korg d12 this new search has lead to a new understanding that requires a modification to the attachment drawing. 5 years ago looking to buy korg d12 ,as far as my spec studies could go thought it would allow me to plug in my M1 [found on street and 2 years to convert to 12 volt] for synth sound and so on [d 12 is not as low power as needed for winter] anyway now,,,get this downloading the Manuel and much study plus vidios on d12 and zoom I concluded you cannot record MIDI on DAWS the midi is only for sync track automation ah ah ah so maybe you no why DAWS don't have midi sequencing ability then my ideal DAW is WOW so the idea for music industry to make DEDICATED pc laptop equipment and by by windows ,,see you when I need to call.ha. oh the keyboard is half 1/3 finished project midi controller keys plugs into 61 note double strung baby baby baby grand composit piano for the new midi generations factory gate ± £100 so say £ 250 / 300 for mass market I used to have a yamaha cp 70 stage piano just liftable New ee about 35 to 40 kg ,,must go Jon
  4. the answer is YES ,to the original post ,it's GREAT, ,,I no cos it turned up in Ableton about 6 months ago ,as long as you are monitoring & armed it CAPTURES , I done more piano takes than ever. I thought they would turn out to be to scrappy ,but no, just as mentioned above , always drifting off on start-up and CAPTURE seriously makes me giggle every time. With that in mind might someone now understand my RE-SPLICE COMPTED TAKES so if you turn on and jam to a short loopy or drum track, ,,if captured then you need to re splice it,, its a bit different in Ableton tho not so rok-en-roll ,,Jon plus I have already been wondering if Able. could add AUDIO capture,, I think it'll happen May be have to deel with the possible large file immediately or somethinkkkk anyway it works I guess for certain approaches,, I was thinking of a topic about that WHEN YOU START WHAT IS YOUR APPROACH TO RECORDING (rock -roll) of coarse I sure we could all learn some supprising track-construction routs off each other,,,Jon,
  5. I am on Surface i7 too, Asio or wsapi ( that one) do work ,in asio close all connections you are not using , turn the slider to zero ,let it settle ,10 sec. and try, then raise one step at a time, note each improvement you should be on zero with one midi signal,,
  6. any clear reply to this would help me too,, bounce to clip is correct ,tho, this I find only splices selected parts of your clips all only working within the loop region ,,re my post RE SPLICE THE CLIPS, and this origin post ,I think want to re-splice the clips into a single long track lane ,as this type of clip recording has a different purpose,, to create a fast single song take (verse's chorus mid breaks ++)with usefull pre made clips related to whatever the loop pattern was . then begin song arrangment referencing that live take or "jam".. Jon,, point being FAST is as A above the loop you are playing or jamming to ,,regularly gets changed, so it gets booooring loading and trying loops each time having to copy out screen and loop, to an, as yet ,,unknown song length ,,Jon...
  7. I think this is similar to my re quest RE-SPLICE COMPED CLIPS .... Oh,, like the original non destuctive bit, PLUS .. a tiny idea for staff view ,, just readable , if -u- pinch-out .. Jon,,
  8. thanks to the staff ,,, so good to find app data STUFF and ID it ,, tho,,with all Good intentions saving those files and remembering months latter is clutter ,although maybe try and save that PREFERENCE setting thats been working for months ,, that even more unlikely,, any one no how quick copy paste to feature request,, Ableton as mentioned,, had "absolute mouse control " issue that required a command prompt that worked After much cliqin. only to be sorted in updates a month latter ,point is ±20 hours bandlab ± 1 hour sorting preferences um 10 or 15 minuets playin ,, how do u identify those appdata files ,,,,must no a thing or too, Jon,,,, slow progress journey towards an arrangement.
  9. it seems there are and will be many issues regarding preferences that are complex any will need to vary pending song structures and hardware setups to note Ableton preferences update no-the-fly ,,I think its called live-time it helps a lot ,,then Ableton is relatively new programm ,,so I think Bandlab is trapped in old preference programming that's not so easy to change so a suggestion is maybe be able to SAVE preference settings as template and or related to a song file ,,surely easier than rewriting preference so as to be up dating in real time and possibly more useful Jon...
  10. I hope I,m not in breach of rules ,spent 20 years talking to myself, so I thought let,s keep this going by replying to myself with the current state of Jon,s comp recording ,,So as to try and get a ± 70 bar live track recorded using using tempory preset loops in comp mode and in a readable screen size without scrolling page ,,I >> load loop >> copy drag ± 10 to 12 bars >> set loop brace >> cliq record button in template voc / guitar song as soon as things start to happen .....>> stop rewind Now ,,,if my head says all should be OK I only have ± 6 to 8 clips to re-splice ,,, this is working for me and I am currently working on 2 song s like this ,, the next task being ,,,probably to try some live drum takes to the original re-spliced tracks and so on,,, a bit slow and data,, I have just found Q&A that might be a better place for this tho I could not find it in sonar homestudio manuel ,,,so keep going with RE-SPLICE COMPS till the ±70 bars sound like my 2 & 4 bar bittts,, Jon 🚍 .
  11. I spent 2-3 years sorting my ON -THE -ROAD system out ,the key bit for me was low power consumption working with 100 watt solar in winter low light (summers no problem) I wanted a DAW to start with ,then add computer software latter. Unable to find a DAW with midi requirements I got a simple i3 tablet (£140) to get started and free Ableton ,looking then @ Sonar ± £ 47 for low income users as well with the staff view. 3 melted tablets latter a £60 i7 laptop showed me the reel difference i3 to i7 , but also the power consumption of laptop was not workable in winter .This took me a long time .. ..........the tablets in short are mostly large screen phones ,,,,the laptops are compact PC's..they are 2 completely different PROCESSOR families and subsequently totally different power consumption (if -u-a,v-time ) see WIKI processor spec,s.. the ANSWER is i7 tablets @ crazy money tho my subsequent i7 ,,8gb ram SURFACE @£ 500 does the job 2 hours usually minimum even on a DULL English day ,,,,,,,to note ,,,,budget all spent the DAW does not seem to exist just to add I finally realised what it is,, DAW,s ,, err um,, do not record midi ,, some of them have midi to run there automation ,,,After much research I realised thats the only thing the computer software does ,,so now await and ask for audio and midi recording DAWs to STAND ALONE as they say ,,,,, with built in complete software (sonar/band /lab) and a large screen ,like laptops,,i7 low power and a USB tea's maid ,,ha ha,,,so I ,,WE don't have to battle with O.S. .. anymore ,,.Jon see IDEAL DAW drawn years ago
  12. My first forum um, as title ,when warming ,say, guitar , into a shout drum loop ,sounds OK , so cliq record (in comp mode), and end up with usefull CLIPS ,then invariably want to re-splice all the CLIPS ,back to a single track keeping the CLIPS as well.,,,,then sort out arrangments as usually created by that 1st track To note ,this I dont think is lazzy,, the point for me is trying simply loop tracks,,I think of them as tech metronomes ,and if I get INTO it,,man u-no,,then just cliq rec. (with my modified mouse footswitch) or try other loops or drum patterns,, there is an option to drag (great function) the rythem loop out to my default 70-72 bars, tho if I do ,that loop invariably gets changed,, and changed ,so , feature request ,possible right cliq CLIP-LANES button to RE-SPLICE CLIPS , saves a lot of drag-in. Jon. I carry-on this request with a small example,that shows how many copy,paste, so as to then FLATTEN . I,m not sure ,I think your programming in for capturing the best takes, I haven,t got that far yet ,it is my 6 year attempt to CREATE a song arrangment from ONE LIVE TAKE (with errours) then construct to that,.I spend hours playing git to loops and have never had recording edit that can keep the git-track and then create drums, bass and so-on to that track .Sonar (bandlab) is right there for me except for the Re-splice of 20--140 CLIPS I considered this to be quite normalish way of writing and constructing ,the inspired initial track in clock sync so then anythings possible.. I must just say it,s great listening to the single CLIPS,, EVERY-ONES-A-LOOPY!!! Jon If this seems to get some response ,I want to try something like ,Does Bandlab have a overview objective as a recording software, mine is still to record Rok-en Roll, mostly from live instruments and edit either for live band rehearsals or finished songs, Jon
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