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  1. Not sure if CbB has this, but Studio One Pro ranks high for me too due to the Project Page. My workflow involves adding ruff song ideas onto the timeline and then jumping back into each song to develope it. It helps me get a better flow of where the songs are going and cleaner transistions between them. The one button "remaster" makes it like having an assistant to make sure you have everything updated on the timeline after a number of hours jumping around from song to song.
  2. FWIW.... I purchased Spectrum 2 and it seems worth this price but I found a few querks. You seem to have to manually open the track selection area (slide it to the left) when you open the GUI otherwise you can't select different tracks. It would also be nice if it pulled in the track names from the DAW, but it does not. The biggest thing I found was the licensing limitations (here is an email I got after installation): Dear xxx, Your license of Spectrum 2 has been permanently locked to (xxxxPC). You now no longer need internet access to use Spectrum 2, but the license can no longer be transferred to another machine. If you did not issue the lock and believe this is an error, please contact us via: https://schulz.audio/support/contact/ have a nice day, -- Benjamin Schulz Benjamin Schulz, Schulenburgring 128, 12101 Berlin Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer gemäß §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE 296473448
  3. FYI I saw a update on another site that the owner Eric? said they were aware and sorry about the problems - they hoped to have things up and running today, but I guess they ran into more problems. I had some "bucks" available from other purchases at Best Service and managed to pick up the SO Pro upgrade for $122 from them. Got the serial in a minute and no probs - installing it now. h
  4. Funny how they never reveal the speed on these, yet on raw drives it is always shown.....
  5. I worked at the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise division many years and gigabit drives were a major break through back at the end of the last century! Anybody remember "getting perpendicular" with Hatachi ??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb_PyKuI7II Take care, h
  6. I use Essential Personal Information Manager (EPIM). It has a section for passwords and generates them on demand (I hated the process of trying to figure out a acceptable password string while you are setting up an account with some software site. I keep my all my account info with each password (user name, email, web url, etc.) EPIM also has an integrated note, to do, calendar, and email section so I can also keep any emails with serial numbers, account info in a single app and access a password or other info quickly. EPIM keeps all of the info in a single database - which by the way is password encrypted so the database can not be read by loading it into a text editor. I have EPIM installed on a USB stick (as well as the database) so if my PC dies, I can just run to another PC - in fact if I travel, I don't even need to bring a PC if I can get access to one at a location. No Cloud to worry about and I back up the database every few days and have copies in the car, neighbors house, dog house, and a few other places for backups. I also use it to keep recording session notes in the note area (you can also pull in pics and pdfs into a note or you can add reference pointers to the item from your note.) I find it really solid and have been using it for about 8 years now. $80 for a lifetime license it is pretty cheap ($100 for business. Both PC and Mac are available. No, I am not a sponsor for EPIM, just a user that found a tool that works for me 🙂 https://www.essentialpim.com h
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