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  1. @Alastair Cardwell Thanks so much for sharing this. I will check it asap
  2. Thanks for sharing this @msmcleod but Read automation is enabled..
  3. @scook thanks, but the file version is the same. I have also tried to delete and re-install the application. Still not working for me. I think maybe I will purchase another DAW. I just need to continue working on my projects.
  4. @David Baay yes win 10.. Thanks all for you help guys. I think I will run Windows System Restore to a date prior to the Cakewalk update and see if that 'solves' it.
  5. @Promidi Yes I am using 2019.11 build 63. Cakewalk support has got back to me, but it takes time so I have to try to find a workaround.
  6. So no one has experienced this? Simple stuff like volume automation seems to work, but automating the parameters of (some) VST plugins seems not to work. An easy test is to automate the freq parameter of Sonitus Equlizer: For me, the envelope (linear, fast curve, slow curve) is never read when playing back, it always jumps from parameter to parameter.. Any help or suggestions is welcome!
  7. @pwalpwal thanks but don't think so: Cakewalk has a CPU conservation mode that reduces the number of GUI updates with no effect on actual playback quality and rendering.
  8. Thanks for your help. Sure will do!
  9. Thanks, but I checked: Read automation is enabled. Did some more testing: Automation is somewhat working as the automation points are read, but the transition from one point to another is not (linear, fast, slow curved line ). It is like it jumps no matter what line is selected.. Any help is appreciated as this issue has stopped me from finishing my work. Edit: And it gets more strange: It might work the first time you play a clip with automation, but not the second time.. It is very strange. Just tested with sonitus EQ and this is an issue when automating the frequency.
  10. I just upgraded to the latest version and suddenly all my automations are not working (for both the built-in Sonitus and my Nexus2 VSTs). The automation graph shows as before, but when I play back, the output is constant between two automation points (i.e. the output jumps between the points, there is no linear or slow/fast increase/decrease between the points). How to fix this, or is it a known bug? Looking forward to your response.
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