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  1. I have you beat. Still using SONAR Home Studio 6. Reason? My DAW is an old 32-bit XP computer and has an interface already in it. This 64-bit 4 GB Win 10 box would probably be under-powered for CbB, and I would have to get an interface. I do have Cakewalk installed on it just to look at things asked about here. Or to listen.
  2. Cool beans Bub. That you survived, that is, not that you had the accident.
  3. Welcome to the forum. I have found that some synths want the patch to be selected in the track pane, and others will play the patch chosen in the synth's patch browser. TTS-1 likes the patch in the track pane. You can change the output of your MIDI track to your preferred synth; no need to drag the data.
  4. My friend Jami bought a cheap mandolin a few months back. It's been sitting in its gig bag since then. I was over there today and she asked if I could remove the packing and tune it for her. I've never played one before so with the help of the included teaching books and Google I found a G note on the phone to help me tune it. She had no other instruments in the house and I don't have perfect pitch (some might say I don't have any pitch 😁) so thank goodness we live in the 21st century. First I had to loosen all of the strings to lift the bridge off a little piece of styrofoam between it and the body, then tighten them again to tune them. Within a few minutes I was playing the chords from the book. I learned my fingers are way too big for the mandolin. I hope she enjoys it while she is (still) recovering.
  5. 57Gregy

    Audio is being sped up

    Is it a USB mic?
  6. Strings? We don't need no stinking strings.
  7. I have a file containing many old Yamaha IDs that I think I downloaded from their website ~2004. If anyone is interested, PM me the model you need and I'll see if it's in the file.
  8. Sorry; I didn't know there would be math(s) involved. Thanks everybody! Now I can begin my next 64 years.
  9. One way: In the Piano Roll View (PRV), click a piano key or drum name on the left. That will (should) select all those notes in the track. Click Ctrl C to copy those notes. Go to another MIDI Track and place the cursor where you want the notes and click Ctrl V to copy the clip into the new track. Do this for each drum in the kit. It may sound like a lot of work but it really goes pretty quickly. As always, there are probably other methods to get the same result.
  10. I am 64! Whoda thunk I'd ever get this far? Thanks, Steve!
  11. Notepad-8FX Using the Soundcraft USB Audio Control Panel for PC on the Soundcraft.com website, users can select the “Audio Routing” tab, to select the point in the console feeding the USB bus to computer. For Inputs 1+2, users can select from: Mic Inputs 1+2 Stereo Input 3+4 Stereo Input 5+6 Mix L+R USB return will come into the input channel 7+8, which is the channel where the USB-B connector is attached. This signal is summed with signal coming in the RCA 7+8 jacks, before proceeding down the input channel strip. Did you download and install their USB Audio Control Panel?
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