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  1. I am learning to edit in 7.1 but am finding it hard to set up. I have strix 7.1 headphones [proper 7.1 not emulated] and wish to monitor my work in full 7.1 through my headset. However I seem to only be able to select strix 1 or 2 channels - not the other 6 How do I assign outputs so that I can listen to my work in full 7.1 Once this is solved and I have created my 7.1 mix I assume exporting my work will automatically render it to a full 7.1 audio file I can play back in whatever 7.1 capable player I have Is that the case - if not - how do I do this. Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me the step by steps to sort my 7.1 monitoring issue & export cheers Zakk
  2. Hi I need to edit in 7.1 8 channel sound for both music mixing and also video audio tracks For monitoring I have a strix 7.1 headset with 8 discrete genuine channels [not simulated] In Cakewalk I see in advanced I can select several 7.1 profiles [film / music etc] but when routing I can only select strix channels 1/2. I want to be able to output to the other channels also 3/4 5/6 & 7/8 so I can monitor my mixing in true 7.1. Why are the channel mapping options for those not available to select and assign to my tracks ? I am hopeful there is a simple solution for this as it must be possible to monitor in 7.1. Thanks in advance for any advice I can be given. I am new to 7.1 editing so the step by step treatment for 'dummies' would be ideal cheers Zakk
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