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  1. Very helpful information, and thank you all for your time and input. Very much appreciated, and wonderful to have your help. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Kurre, However we perform many theatre, concert, and outdoor festival shows, and in my experience if it works don't touch it. Your input is much appreciated! Again Thank you so much
  3. Thank you for clarifying how BandLab works. Unfortunately at this time, I don't update my computer very often for reasons that I can't afford to have issues rise. I've learned that leaving my updates alone ensures that my program works with no issues. That is how I've been using Sonar, and Windows > If it works, don't update, thus no issues. thanks again Jim, much appreciate it! P.S. I wish I could just purchase Sonar and update at my own discretion. Cheers
  4. Do I need an internet connection, once I've downloaded and updated Cakewalk by Bandlab? right now I have Sonar Artist installed, but I'm curious about BandLab. I Only use Sonar with No Plugins for live use. Mainly for the Song list Feature and opening different projects for live use. I would like to use it without an internet connection. Thank you in advance! micdim
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