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  1. So I got myself a MIDI Controller Keyboard. After fiddling around with the knobs and knob settings (unrelated) I've decided to try and set up loop recording. I somehow managed to edit the "Record" section to make it work, however, 90% of the time, it doesn't work. I have 2 MIDI inputs bound to VST tracks (Synth1 and Sketching Orchs, but it didn't matter which plugin I used). I record the first section, wait out one or two loops, record the second section on the second instrument and after the loop starts again the second melody starts playing using the first instrument. After I stop the recording everything is fine again. Video Demonstration: I've tried: - Changing everything in the "Record" tab - 2 different keyboards - Sending MIDI data using different MIDI Channels for each track rather than Omni - Switching drivers from ASIO4ALLv2 to Fl Studio ASIO - Changing the order of the tracks - Recording directly into the tracks (Skipping the MIDI Inputs entirely). - Finding references reading the manual So... Any thoughts? I'm using the latest version of Cakewalk. Edit: Before posting this I decided to take another look. Turns out that this bug only happens if I start to play at the end of the loop (holding a key while the loop is going to it's beginning). If that happens (and that happens a lot to me), the whole recording that you are currently taking will inevitably play sound from the first instrument (after you're done recording, during the recording everything sounds fine). Also found a bug (Is this a good place to put out bugs?): The keybind for "Arm Recording" doesn't work if you start recording and then try to change it (it works in playback mode though). "Allow Arm Changes During Playback/Record" is ticked and I can change the Track Arm using the mouse whether I am recording or simply playing back.
  2. Sorry I'm late for the party, but what I'm going to write now may be of help to someone else with similar problems. I am sometimes getting a fatal error for VCRuntime140.dll Here are some ways that you could try fixing it (the fixes might sound stupid but hear me out): 1. Up the samples on the driver you are using - I am using ASIO4ALLv2, and I would go to "Edit/Preferences/Driver Settings/ASIO Panel..." - I am usually using 256 samples, but when I get a crash i up the buffer to 1024 samples or higher 2. Change drivers - For example, if you are using ASIO4ALLv2, try with FL Studio ASIO (also with increased buffer size) - "Edit/Preferences/Devices", tick off the selected input/output and tick the deselected ones 3. Open a clean project - If maybe a certain plugin is bothering you, try opening it (the plugin bothering you) beforehand in a clean project 4. Temporarily remove the plugin that is causing conflict - If a certain plugin doesn't even want to load, try moving its DLL to somewhere else so that CW doesn't even load it - My example for this is VSCO2. Replaced it with Sketching orches, no problems since then 5. Opening CW as administrator - This is usually a simple fix for VSTs that give off lots of errors 6. Differently opening projects - I once couldn't open a project via the "CW Start Screen" pop up, so let me show you a few more ways: 1. By pressing "File", you get a drop-down list of recent projects 2. Going to "File/Open" and searching for the project manually 3. Finding the project manually on the computer (never did this myself) 7. Do NOT go to try and download a DLL fix or anything like that - THOSE ARE SCAMS If nothing of this mentioned above helps, I am truly sorry for your loss.
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