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  1. This is a basic video that explains MIDI and set up in Sonar X1 but is still relevant to CbB today. However I would follow the advice above ref MIDIox or an alternate DAW first to check that MIDI data is definitely reaching your laptop. If it is, the video link above should help.
  2. Double check that the MIDI end of the cable is the correct way round. i.e. "In" connected to the IN port on the keyboard and "out" to OUT. If the keyboard is recognised in CbB- and the drivers are selected in preferences with input on the track set correctly there's not much else it can be other than the keyboard isn't outputting any MIDI data.
  3. Hi I have just updated my aging system and completed installing software. All is working well except Rapture Pro which is stuck in demo mode. So far I have tried......... Installing via CCC, (doesn't ask for serial number) which gives me the green lights that it has installed ok...but stuck in demo mode. Installing via its own installer, seems to install ok but doesn't ask for a serial number....stuck in demo mode Offline activation, no errors during the process but stuck in demo mode........ Found a couple of similar incidents online and the answer is contact Cakewalk support who can fix it, but of course there is no longer any Cakewalk support. Anybody got any ideas or solutions? Other than consign Rapture Pro to the bin...😁 Thanks in advance
  4. Here & there. New job, busy with my music both studio and live. Trying to get out of the habit of playing everything in 5/4 that I picked up somewhere. 🤣 I've been lurking, just got a bit fed up with some of the BS that went on over at the old forum so decided to take a bit of a break, then got out of the habit of posting. I take it you are well?
  5. Wow. That brings back memories.......
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