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  1. I am sure that God will allow him to recover soon so we can continue enjoying his music. Jimmy
  2. The natural sound of a guitar. very good work
  3. Jimmy

    Take it All

    A good message through music. It was close to the Amazon fires caused by irresponsible ...
  4. Kenny, you are a brilliant musician. I am an amateur who will learn watching the greats play (if I can get it one day 😅) Congratulations...
  5. Jimmy


    Thanks friends for taking some time. Sorry, English is not my mother tongue and I often turn to the google translator. Some phrases I can't fully understand. John, I'm glad you heard all three songs and that you mention words in Spanish and also beer. Ahh, the beer of freedom (although I don't drink it 😄😄)
  6. Jimmy

    Rain is Coming Down

    Perfect modulation between voice and instruments. Yes, it is a professional sound, ready for the radio. Cakewalk is the best
  7. Jimmy

    Cool Water

    I followed the link of the song "Cool Water", well, the melody was good and I kept listening to the following. Congratulations Jimmy
  8. Jimmy


    Thanks Tom. Your comment encourages me. I did the background spiral with the free VSDC program that contains good effects. Cheers. Jimmy
  9. Jimmy


    Thanks for listening. I'm glad that my music fits in video games. Good detail I will take it into account. Cheers
  10. The sound is nice and tidy. But I can't comment on the lyrics because I don't understand English 😄 😆 . I turn to the google translator, sorry. However, good music can be understood in any language
  11. Jimmy

    This Is Your Life

    Melody of Peace. Very good
  12. Jimmy


    Hello friends of the forum. I am new to the musical adventure. Finally I was able to complete my first three songs on Cakewalk. 99% with midi synthesizers. I will be grateful if you have any comments or criticisms, they will be useful for me to improve https://youtu.be/4LbJK4w1-hQ?list=PLYxA4Xd613eSfmlOBiE-fCMTCAf5ieUj3 https://youtu.be/l1sVkck4qbU?list=PLYxA4Xd613eSfmlOBiE-fCMTCAf5ieUj3
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