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  1. addictive keys does not respond but true pianos does. Thanks for the info
  2. I'll try a few different piano instruments and change the channels. Thanks. Worth a shot
  3. Please look at the screenshot video. I thought I could draw a volume descent on a chord in the piano roll and have it fade out. There's no audio in the example but i don't hear the fade after adding a cc: volume 7 value. Must be doing something wrong. I can hear the default velocity but not the new added value. I hear the chord play out, just not the fade. Please help. Thanks Cakewalk - [Untitled Project1_ - Track] 2019-11-17 14-07-26.mp4
  4. Thanks Noel, however I don't see a freeze icon or at least don't know where it is.
  5. Boy would it be great! With all the new updates and all, was wondering if freezing all at once was implemented yet?
  6. For my work flow of 60, 30 &15 second cut downs I would love to be able to select a section in the time ruler and see just how many seconds are selected. Is there a way in our DAW? For now I do the math and cut down that way. It would just be great to see a number of seconds from the highlighted area. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I'll try the plugin and the other ideas.
  8. I usually drag and select all tracks and delete every other measure for this particular effect to create blank spaces in multiple tracks to create the stutter effect. Is there a quick and easy way to achieve this or is what I'm doing pretty much it?
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