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  1. My track all of sudden has made multiple tempo changes throughout the track by slight degrees. Not sure what I could have done to deserve this! Or what I even did. How do I change the whole track back to one tempo? Thanks for a certain enlightenment
  2. Since possibly the new update, when duplicating a midi synth track after checking the box duplicate " events" the crash occurs. An audio track or an unchecked "events" midi track works just fine. Only the midi (synth) track when the duplicate events box is checked.
  3. Thank you Simeon for taking the time to instruct. This was most helpful and I'm up and running. Paul
  4. @Simeon Amburgey I notice the first instance of Philharmonic you have in the video has (in the icon area) a round midi icon over a square for the main engine instance that all other tracks fall under. I can load the plugin with the 16 tracks internally and work with them but can't seem to route each channel individually to cakewalk where each individual instrument has it's own track with audio levels in the DAW. I used the new update to output as many channels as needed to record on each track, but only the master instance has a level. (all instruments combined) not even sure if i'm articulating correctly. So i guess if you can tell me how to drag or bring in the first master engine instance , I could figure the rest to follow from your video. It's just that in your video the master track is already there and didn't see how you did it. Thanks Simeon
  5. I did raise the buffer to 512 and it seems to work. However, Since yesterday this started happening and I've always been able to put the buffer at 256 and even 128 with no issues. Maybe the new slider is an issue with ST3. I had it at 300. Maybe it needs one of the defaults. I've contacted support and IK. Thanks
  6. addictive keys does not respond but true pianos does. Thanks for the info
  7. I'll try a few different piano instruments and change the channels. Thanks. Worth a shot
  8. Please look at the screenshot video. I thought I could draw a volume descent on a chord in the piano roll and have it fade out. There's no audio in the example but i don't hear the fade after adding a cc: volume 7 value. Must be doing something wrong. I can hear the default velocity but not the new added value. I hear the chord play out, just not the fade. Please help. Thanks Cakewalk - [Untitled Project1_ - Track] 2019-11-17 14-07-26.mp4
  9. Thanks Noel, however I don't see a freeze icon or at least don't know where it is.
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